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Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely. Simply go the Library, select the language you would like to learn, then try the complimentary course for that language.

What is the difference between the subscription types?

The Unlimited Subscription gives you access to all the languages available on OpenLanguage. Currently these include: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

How can I purchase a subscription?

Subscriptions can be purchased by international credit card or PayPal and will automatically recur until being cancelled. Subscriptions purchased from a mobile app store (e.g. Apple's App Store) are also valid across other devices.



OpenLanguage英语和OpenLanguage English这两个产品有什么区别?

OpenLanguage英语专为中国市场设计。课程全附有中文文字翻译注解,低级别课程也有中英文双语讲解,帮您更好地学习英语。OpenLanguage English为国际市场设计,内容没有中文翻译注解。另外两个产品的定价也不同。OpenLanguage英语定价更优惠,更适合国内市场。



Can I use my subscription across multiple devices?

Yes, your account is tailored to your personal studies and can be used on a tablet, smart phone or computer. You simply need to login with the same account credentials. Additionally, saved lessons and vocabulary will be synced across devices to make your studies as convenient as possible.

Are there special offers for academic institutions?

Yes. We want as many students as possible to take advantage of our Tablet Textbook so have special pricing for accredited K12 and university institutions.

E: academic@openlanguage.com

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Do you offer corporate solutions?

Yes, OpenLanguage is designed to provide language solutions for busy people. In addition, we provide administrators with management tools and real-time reports to track study activity. For more details, please contact us.

Special Gifts

At OpenLanguage, we are language nerds. If you purchase an Annual Unlimited Subscription we will send you a free Language Nerd t-shirt.

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