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Upper Intermediate Spanish Course 2


Prepare for advanced Spanish with this second upper-intermediate course. Learn unique idiomatic expressions smaller aspects of the language that will help you understand more and more of higher-level interactions that take place in all realms of life.

Organizing a Surprise Party

We are organizing a surprise party. Some people have organizational skills, while others lack them. Managing a party can be difficult due to a number of issues, such as deciding on the venue, the food, etc....

Topics: parties

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can be very helpful, but sometimes it can become an addiction. In today´s lesson, we listen to how a brother and sister tease each other...

Topics: surgery

Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is a classic. Do you know where it comes from? Listen to our lesson and learn more about healthy eating in Spanish....

Topics: food


Some people keep firearms in their houses, because they feel safer with them. Others prefer to not have them. Today's lesson will teach you about the subject. Different countries have different laws about guns. Find out what the situation is in Latin America....

Topics: weapons

Going to Study Abroad

In today's show, we are discussing universities in Latin America. Which are the top ranked? If you are planning to study abroad sometime, this is your lesson!...

Topics: languages, study

Not Going Back

There's no reason to put up with bad service at a restaurant!  In this lesson, we'll hear one person complaining about a bad restaurant experience; waiting too long to be served, no manager to complain to... It goes without saying that she's not going back, no matter how good the food was!  Later in...

Topics: Restaurant, recommendations

Cancel My Membership

We sign up for the gym with the best of intentions...  And if we have the discipline to go regularly (that's a big if...) we count on the gym to offer us the services we want.  So if they don't have what we're looking for... and then they want to raise the prices....  In today's lesson, we'll hear a...

Topics: gym, health_club

I Loved the Concert

You know that glow you feel after a great concert; finally seeing that singer you've been dying to see after such a long time?   Today's lesson is worth the price of admission; it's a lesson on buying concert tickets.  We'll also talk about scalpers, and have a little discussion about who'd you'd pa...

Topics: concerts

Don't Be Shy

There really is no reason to risk STDs or unwanted pregnancies by having unprotected sex!  Still, some people are a little shy when it comes to talking about protection.  In today's lesson, we'll hear Mauricio work up the courage to ask his buddy how to buy condoms.  Don't be shy!...

Topics: health

Big Fight

Can't live with her, can't live without her.  Is it a rule that relationships have to be difficult?  In today's lesson, we'll hear about a couple that's fighting again; apparently "Monica" is the jealous type.  Find out what goes down, as well as learn how to say "you're hopeless!" in Spanish!...

Topics: relationships

He is Lying

Honest to goodness, I am telling you the truth.  Humberto, however, may be another story.  In today's lesson, we hear that Humberto may be into one of his old tricks again:  making statements that are somewhat less than true.   We hope that you're own Spanish language learning experience won't have ...

Topics: relationships, honesty

Wine at Dinner

Are you that guy?  Are you the guy who when tasting wine, checks for color, leg, takes a noisy slurp of wine, chews it, and then looks thoughtfully before saying  something like, "blackberries... chocolate... and night time!"  Is that you?  Or are you the one at the other end of the table, throwing ...

Topics: food, wine, Restaurant