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Upper Intermediate Spanish Course 1


This course is designed for students who have reached a high level of competency in spoken Spanish. Learn how to engage in in-depth discussion about a variety of situations in Spanish and improve your knowledge of the language, culture and society. 

Leeching Off the Parents

In today's lesson, we're talking about some adults that take a long time to move out of their parents' house. In some Latin American cultures this is seen as normal. Other, more westernized cultures, would call this leeching off your parents. Find out more!...

Topics: Dating, family_relations

Flight Canceled

Airports can be very stressful specially if they cancel your flight! Today we teach you how to deal with your canceled flight. Learn how to ask to be on the waiting list and how to complain in Spanish!...

Topics: travel, flights

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping: some people love it, others dread it. Today we're learning how to express our frustration while shopping. We're also learning about the perfect solution for gift buying problems: the gift certificate....

Topics: shopping, Holidays, Christmas

Healthy Diet

Dieting is a perennial topic in books and media. Sometimes it seems like there's a different fad diet for everyone! Today we learn about some people who prefer being a little chubby (and happy) over suffering for the perfect body!...

Topics: food, health, eating, lifestyle

Looking for an Apartment

It's time to go apartment hunting, and SpanishPod is here to help you find that perfect pad.  In this lesson, we'll hear how to inquire about bedrooms, bathrooms, furnishing, when rent is due, and all the other realities of moving....

Topics: housing

Welcome to My Home

Today's lesson is for all aspiring learners: your dream house!  Whether you build it in the Spanish-speaking world, or in your own neighborhood, you'll want to give your Spanish-speaking friends the grand tour!  In this lesson, you'll learn a lot of basic house-related vocabulary in Spanish!...

Topics: housing, home

Buying a Book

Today we're going to the book store and asking for some help. Sometimes we need assistance finding a book, or we want recommendations about the best-sellers. Learn how to have this conversation in Spanish....

Topics: shopping, books

Love Letter

In this, our electronic age, the handwritten letter has almost entirely disappeared. You might hope to receive one of these relics of days gone by in the form of a love letter, though! Listen in as a particularly sappy specimen is read....

Topics: love


Some people launch startup businesses, but they can be very risky. Others choose to run franchised businesses....

Topics: business

Business Presentation

Today we're giving an important business presentation. Listen to how two executives talk about all the details to be covered in the presentation. Not a thing can be forgotten: not the projector, not the laser pointer and especially not the presentation!...

Topics: business

Business Partner

Let's get down to business.  In today's lesson, we'll here a couple of business people running into each other at a power lunch.  Smiles are beamed, hands are shaken, and before you know it, another investor is on board.  Later in the lesson, Lili tells us some important cultural differences you sho...

Topics: business, finance

Television Series

Are you a fan of television series? If you are this is the right lesson for you. Sometimes people can be addicted to TV shows. In today's lesson we discuss American series. Let us know which are your favorite series....

Topics: television

El Género Cinematografico

Today we are talking about the movie industry and its different genres. There is so many different types of movies to choose from. Action, drama, romance and more. For all movie fans this is a lesson you will enjoy....

Topics: movies

Chilean Miners

Chile has been in every newspaper in the world. The Chilean miners that were trapped and now released have been the subject of many conversations. In this lesson we talk about what happened with these brave men....

Topics: disasters, news

Going to Study Abroad

In today's show, we are discussing universities in Latin America. Which are the top ranked? If you are planning to study abroad sometime, this is your lesson!...

Topics: languages, study

Cancel My Membership

We sign up for the gym with the best of intentions...  And if we have the discipline to go regularly (that's a big if...) we count on the gym to offer us the services we want.  So if they don't have what we're looking for... and then they want to raise the prices....  In today's lesson, we'll hear a...

Topics: gym, health_club

I Loved the Concert

You know that glow you feel after a great concert; finally seeing that singer you've been dying to see after such a long time?   Today's lesson is worth the price of admission; it's a lesson on buying concert tickets.  We'll also talk about scalpers, and have a little discussion about who'd you'd pa...

Topics: concerts

Don't Be Shy

There really is no reason to risk STDs or unwanted pregnancies by having unprotected sex!  Still, some people are a little shy when it comes to talking about protection.  In today's lesson, we'll hear Mauricio work up the courage to ask his buddy how to buy condoms.  Don't be shy!...

Topics: health