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No Power

So you´re stranded, you reach in your bag, grab your phone and (dun dun dunnnn) No power! It´s everyone´s worst nightmare in the cellphone age! In today´s big podcast learn how to discuss cell phone power problems....

Host: Liliana, JP

Published: December 03, 2014

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Buying a GPS

For some, a GPS navigation unit is indispensable. Others rely on their sense of direction. Today we learn how to choose and buy a GPS for your car. All this in Spanish. Let us lead the way!...

Host: Liliana, Marco

Published: February 24, 2014

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Do You Have an iPod?

Do you have an iPod, iPhone, or another mp3 player? So many gadgets to choose from! Today's lesson we talk about technology in Spanish....

Host: Liliana, Marco
Topic: technology

Published: September 04, 2013

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Considering an iPad

In today's lesson we're talking about expensive gadgets, such as the now famous iPad. Are you considering buying one? Do you have one? Let us know what you think about this device. Come and join the discussion in Spanish!...

Host: Liliana, Marco
Grammar: servir

Published: February 20, 2013

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