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Feng Shui

Today in the big podcast, we're talking about 風水; (fēng shuǐ), an ancient Chinese practice utilizing the Laws of both heaven and earth to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi... Well, actually, you should go over to ChinesePod if you want to talk about heaven and earth; in today's Spanis...

Host: Liliana, JP
Topic: home, feng_shui

Published: April 27, 2015

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Sometimes we find ourselves far away from home. We miss our families, our childhood food, even the language. Today we're learning how to describe homesickness in Spanish....

Host: Liliana, Marco
Topic: Feelings, home

Published: January 24, 2014

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Construction Noise

Construction noise can be very annoying. Specially if they are doing it next door or outside your house. Listen to our lesson and learn about the construction industry in some Latin American countries....

Host: Liliana, Marco
Function: complaining

Published: March 15, 2013

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Welcome to My Home

Today's lesson is for all aspiring learners: your dream house!  Whether you build it in the Spanish-speaking world, or in your own neighborhood, you'll want to give your Spanish-speaking friends the grand tour!  In this lesson, you'll learn a lot of basic house-related vocabulary in Spanish!...

Host: Liliana, JP
Topic: housing, home

Published: January 16, 2013

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