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No Kidding

Psst! Wanna tell you a secret... SpanishPod is the epitome of awesome! No kidding! Forgive our immodesty, but today's lesson is all about telling the truth. Learn important phrases and vocabulary....

Host: Liliana, JP
Topic: gossip, rumors
Function: debating_rumors

Published: August 28, 2015

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Gossip on Alma

La verdad es que no me gusta ser una chismosa, así que por favor no digan que fui yo quien les contó que... !!!Alma y Mauricio están realmente saliendo juntos!!! En esta lección vas a oir un chisme bien calentito sobre estos dos amiguitos nuestros, eso sí, como todo buen chisme que se precia es info...

Published: August 25, 2014

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Gossip Magazines

Come on, admit it... you love the guilty pleasure of perusing celebrity gossip rags. Who doesn't? All those glamorous people with all their glamorous lives... listen in as SpanishPod teaches you to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip in Spanish!...

Host: Liliana, Marco
Topic: gossip, hobbies

Published: March 01, 2013

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