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Spanish for Dating and Relationships


This course is designed to teach you language for dating and relationships. Learn how to ask someone out, date online, talk to your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse. This course is suitable for adult learners.  

Are You Single?

Married? Ha ha, no; but I've dodged a few bullets... In today's lesson we'll hear how to say if you're available, or off the market. Later, Liliana talks about Latin society's pressure to tie the knot and settle down....

Topics: relationships

Baby Bottle

Babies are so cute! Their big eyes, tiny hands, their feeding habits... Today's big lesson is all about bottles. Learn important vocabulary for discussing bottles and preparing formula. It's an adorable lesson!...

Topics: babies, bottles

Meet the Family

Meeting a Hispanic family involves getting to know a LOT of people! There are so many names to remember! SpanishPod can't help you with all the names, but we will give you a hand with learning the nouns for different family members in today's lesson....

Topics: family

Bachelor Party!

Women dread it. Men wait in anxious anticipation for it. And all because it's one of those moments where a little indiscretion is allowed. The bachelor party, an event where a man says goodbye to his single life! In this lesson, join us as we throw a wild party......

Topics: Wedding, bachelor

Love Sick

Love, love, love! Sometimes we get so hurt in the romance that we need to forget everything. We tend to seek comfort in certain things or with certain people. Find out how this guy deals with a broken heart....

Topics: love, break-up, bartender, alcohol

I Missed You So Much!

Today we have a lovely dovey dialog. Two people in love can be very sweet to each other. Find out what happens when someone is so much in love that they forget to eat. Sounds kind of cheesy? Well, it is!...

Topics: relationships

Moving In Together

Some couples choose to move in together before marriage. Others might feel offended being asked to move in together without getting married first.In this case, after years of dating, he might think they're ready to co-habitate, but what does she think about all of this?...

Topics: relationships

Breaking Up

Breaking up is never easy. Some women prefer to have closure, while others want to avoid the break up drama. Today you can learn how to break up with your Spanish speaking boyfriend. Just don't tell you learned it from us!...

Topics: relationships


Woo-hoo, is it hot in here, or is it just you?  In today's lesson, our friends notice they're receiving some special attention from someone across the room.  After all, flirting is just as important a life skill in Spanish-speaking countries as it is back home, and as always, SpanishPod is here to s...

Topics: flirting, social_gatherings

Broken Heart

Latin Americans have a bit of a reputation for being heartbreakers. Should you ever fall victim to their charm, you'll be equipped with the skills to discuss your sorrows with your Spanish-speaking friends!...

Topics: relationships, emotions, Feelings

The Pill

Women have been using the pill as birth control for years. In today's lesson we listen to some of the problems couples may deal with. SpanishPod will bring you a week of Spanish lessons about sex education....

Topics: relationships, pregnancy

Love Letter

In this, our electronic age, the handwritten letter has almost entirely disappeared. You might hope to receive one of these relics of days gone by in the form of a love letter, though! Listen in as a particularly sappy specimen is read....

Topics: love

Why Didn't You Call?

Face it, we've all been there, waiting with sandwiches by the phone, going to bed hurt and lonely...  You couldn't pick up the phone?  In today's lesson we'll hear our friend Mauricio get a little high maintenance; he's upset he didn't get a phone call.  We'll also hear Alma tactfully manage his ins...

Topics: phone_calls

Call Me

It's the age of the cell phone, kids.  Remember when we used to go to all the trouble of agreeing on a time and place to meet up... and then when you were running late, I had to wait there for you in the rain, pouting, feeling like a chump, wondering if you'd been hit by a truck?  Well those 'bad ol...

Topics: telephone

Are You Free?

In today´s lesson we are trying to find out what are your plans for the evening and how to ask if you are free to meet up....

Topics: family, busy, free, housework

Is This Goodbye?

Saying goodbye is hard to do in any language. Learn how to express this in Spanish with our last lesson!...

Topics: greetings, love


Today's lesson is all about catching the eye of the opposite sex. Is it wrong to flirt if you're in a relationship already? You'll learn all sorts of essential flirting vocabular...

Topics: flirting

Look Amazing

Latinos like to complement each other. Learn how to express yourself in Spanish.  You can sound sexy while being respectful.Today we learn how to tell a guy he looks handsome!...

Topics: compliments, Dating, beauty, dates