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Pre-Intermediate Spanish Course 2


Continue developing your English skills with this course designed to transition your abilities to the intermediate level. Learn more useful vocabulary and grammar patterns while leanring how to describe experiences, events, hopes, ambitions, and how to give reasons.

Las Posadas

Christmas Posadas is a great Mexican tradition. It involves a piñata, tamales, singing and dancing. This is the time we ask for "posada", we act out the Nativity story. Listen how we plan to celebrate it in today's lesson. ...

Topics: Holidays, parties, posada


Headache? Don't suffer, take something! This lesson is all about aspirin! Learn to request medicine, as well as to keep it out of the hands of the irresponsible ones!...

Topics: health, medicine

How Do You Pronounce...?

When we learn a new language, different people struggle with different things. Some might find pronunciation the easiest, while others might find it the hardest. In this lesson we teach you how to roll your "r"s....

Topics: languages, study

Taxi to the Airport

We're desperate to get to the airport today. Fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight as we convince our driver to take the expressway!...

Topics: taxi, airport

Love Sick

Love, love, love! Sometimes we get so hurt in the romance that we need to forget everything. We tend to seek comfort in certain things or with certain people. Find out how this guy deals with a broken heart....

Topics: love, break-up, bartender, alcohol

Calling Abroad

Today, we'll be reaching out to contact someone over the phone.  Learn how to ask for a country code in Spanish, as well as how to tell someone to buzz off when they're getting too nosy!...

Topics: communication, telephone

The Dream

I opened my eyes, fluffed my feathers, and scratched the bare dirt with my claw.  I took my usual spot on the crown of Lady Liberty and crowed to wake the day.  I am... it was... it was all a dream!  And you were there, and you... and we were all talking about dreams on this lesson of OpenLanguage S...

Topics: dream

Let Me Pay

I'll pay for this!...No, no I will!..No, please, let me!...ahh, don't we all love those moments when you and your friend are fighting over the bill, but deep down you know neither of you really want to pay... Well, in this lesson, you will learn exactly how to deal with this social situation by refu...

Topics: restaurants


Cough, Sniffle, Sneeze! Sounds like someone´s sick. Never fear, OpenLanguage´s got the medicine you need. In today´s lesson learn to discuss medicines and meet your pharmaceutical needs....

Topics: health, medicine

Are We There Yet?

Anyone that's driven children across great distances knows the refrain. It's the constant, nagging drone of little voices pleading "Are we there yet?" Today we will learn to discuss transit boredom and address impatient passengers....

Topics: driving, boredom

Email Scams

Most of us use email to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. But what happens when someone impersonates someone you know and asks you for money? Learn about this and other all-too-common scams with SpanishPod today....

Topics: email, fraud

Puppet Theater

Puppet theater can be scary for some people. Others love puppets and follow this genre. In today's lesson we talk about puppets and puppet masters....

Topics: culture, theater

Anatomy Exam

For all of our medicine students out there. This is a great lesson for you. In today´s lesson we will learn some of the names in Spanish for some of our organs....

Topics: anatomy