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Intermediate Spanish Course 2


This course is designed for students who have finished Intermediate Course 1. Learn how to talk about email scams, shopping supplies and electronics, talk about vacation plans and more in this course.

Las Posadas

Christmas Posadas is a great Mexican tradition. It involves a piñata, tamales, singing and dancing. This is the time we ask for "posada", we act out the Nativity story. Listen how we plan to celebrate it in today's lesson. ...

Topics: Holidays, parties, posada

Going on Vacation!

Ah, the beaches of Puerto Rico... the sand, the sea...  We need a vacation! If you're not a US citizen, you'll need a passport to go to Puerto Rico, and that means paper work...  In this lesson, we'll hear how to talk about preparing to leave on vacation.  Somehow, the topic in the lesson changes to...

Topics: travel

What's Your Plan for Next Summer?

Cuba! The rhythm, the rum, the sandy beaches, the cigars... Someday my finances and the political situation will align, and I you'll find me at a beachside bar with a stogie in one hand, and a mojito in another; people will walk by and say I'm a Hemmingway stereotype.  In today's Spanish lesson, we'...

Topics: travel, Vacation

Passing Security

Passing security can be an ordeal, especially when people take ages to take their computers, belts or shoes out. In today's lesson, you will pass through a Spanish speaking security check point....

Topics: travelling

Buying an Airplane Ticket

Sure, you can buy your tickets online, but some times it's worth the convenience and flexibility to go with a travel agent. In today's lesson, we're buying tickets to Vancouver, and we've got some specific dates and times in mind.  We'll get our itinerary squared away, and we'll do it in Spanish....

Topics: travel, dates_and_times

Taxi to the Airport

We're desperate to get to the airport today. Fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight as we convince our driver to take the expressway!...

Topics: taxi, airport

Lost Baggage

Let's face it; when you check your baggage on a flight, there's always a chance that they'll get lost. This is what happened to the traveler in today's dialogue, and he does not seem pleased at all. We hope this situation never happens to you, but if it does, you might need the 'lost baggage' vocabu...

Topics: air_travel

Christmas Memories

¡Feliz Navidad! Today's lesson is about Christmas gifts, and who brings them. Many Latinos now celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus, but the traditional gift givers in the Spanish-speaking world are usually the Three Wise Men, who arrive on January 6th, for the Día de los reyes (Feast of the Epiphan...

Topics: gift_giving, Christmas

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping: some people love it, others dread it. Today we're learning how to express our frustration while shopping. We're also learning about the perfect solution for gift buying problems: the gift certificate....

Topics: shopping, Holidays, Christmas

Reserving a Taxi by Telephone

Whether you're on a business trip or just need to get across town in your own city, you can save yourself the trouble of hailing a cab by making a reservation! Tune in to this lesson to learn how to do just that in Spanish....

Topics: taxi

Family Barbecue

Family barbecues are great fun but they're also a lot of work. Especially if you try to get your kids involved. In this lesson, we've got some children eagerly trying to help out, but be careful what you wish for!...

Topics: family, barbecue

Gossip Magazines

Come on, admit it... you love the guilty pleasure of perusing celebrity gossip rags. Who doesn't? All those glamorous people with all their glamorous lives... listen in as SpanishPod teaches you to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip in Spanish!...

Topics: gossip, hobbies

Using an Oven

Today we are cooking in SpanishPod! We are trying to explain to someone how to use the oven. It's not as easy as you might think. So listen to this lesson and learn Spanish and cooking!...

Topics: cooking, kitchen, oven

Buying Furniture

We are buying a couch for our home. Learn all the vocabulary for furniture shopping. Do you need a loveseat? Any specific color?...

Topics: shopping, furniture


Sometimes we are so busy that we need to work as a team. Other times we need to delegate responsibilities. In this podcast learn how to talk about pending issues and work....

Topics: business, work, scheduling

Plastic Bottles

They say that it's not safe to re-use plastic bottles. We don't know if this is urban legend or not. In any case, today we're learning about plastic bottles. Let us know if you have heard of Bisphenol A before....

Topics: bottles, Water

Email Scams

Most of us use email to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. But what happens when someone impersonates someone you know and asks you for money? Learn about this and other all-too-common scams with SpanishPod today....

Topics: email, fraud