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Intermediate Spanish Course 1


This course is designed for students who have finished the Elementary Course. Learn the most practical language used in a wide range of situations such as talking about learning Spanish, talking about sports, talking about vacation plans and much more.

Party Crashers

Whether it's a wedding or a birthday, nobody likes an unwelcome guest. Despite this, people generally don't know how to act in these kinds of situations. In this lesson we will be giving you a few tips, teaching the necessary Spanish-language etiquette needed when dealing with party crashers...

Topics: party, Wedding

Calling the Help Desk

Are you the guy who calls the help desk because his computer won't turn on and has to be reminded to plug it in? Well, if so, today's lesson is for you! At the very least, you can learn to politely ask for help from your friendly Spanish-speaking IT guy!...

Topics: computers, customer_service

How Do You Pronounce...?

When we learn a new language, different people struggle with different things. Some might find pronunciation the easiest, while others might find it the hardest. In this lesson we teach you how to roll your "r"s....

Topics: languages, study


3-2-1 You're finished! Oh yeah, we're talking boxing -- a bloody, gruesome sport that never ceases to entertain masses of people. Learn important vocabulary for discussing the mechanics, classifications and titles of the sport. It's a total knock-out of a lesson!...

Topics: sports, boxing

World Cup

It's easy to get confused about how the World Cup is organized. If a team loses a match, are they out? Or is it the points earned, or goals scored, that count? In today's lesson we listen in on two people sharing their knowledge about the tournament....

Topics: sports, soccer, world_cup

Riding a Horse

So the vaquero says to the horse, "why the long face?..."  In our lesson today, our Spanish tourist is learning to ride horses in northern Mexico, and it's not going to well.  She might not take to life in the saddle, but in this podcast, we'll learn the vocabulary needed to talk about her short equ...

Topics: transportation, horse_riding

At the Gym

Some people really like to stay fit, but sometimes they go overboard. What about you? Do you like going to the gym? Do you go often? In today's podcast we have some gym vocabulary for you!...

Topics: excercise, gym

Where to Study Spanish?

Today's lesson is for those of you who may be aspiring to study abroad.  If you go to the wrong place, you may pick up their language and be marked for life!  Not likely, but learn how a couple of native speakers navigate this issue in Spanish....

Topics: study, regional_accents


On today's lesson we'll hear how to express disgust, because, let's face it, this world is not all free-sodas and high-fives. So if you've been dying to know how to yell, "nasty!" in Spanish, you're going to learn it here in this lesson....

Topics: emotions, health_and_beauty


Sometimes having an English-Spanish dictionary isn't enough if you want to know the root of a word. What happens if you need a synonym or an antonym? Today we learn about Spanish-language reference materials. Definitely an important topic when you are learning a new language!...

Topics: dictionary, research

Considering an iPad

In today's lesson we're talking about expensive gadgets, such as the now famous iPad. Are you considering buying one? Do you have one? Let us know what you think about this device. Come and join the discussion in Spanish!...

Topics: shopping, technology

Chicken and Rice

Today we'll be going to the store; there's a big dinner tonight, and we're making arroz con pollo, chicken and rice. This lesson will be a virtual shopping list in Spanish; you'll learn more vegetable names than you can shake a stick at. Mmm... arroz con pollo... ...

Topics: shopping, food_and_drink, recipe

Truth or Dare

Today we have a lesson about "truth or dare;" (the sleepover game, not the documentary about Madonna).  Learn how we play it in Spanish!...

Topics: games, secrets

Are We There Yet?

Anyone that's driven children across great distances knows the refrain. It's the constant, nagging drone of little voices pleading "Are we there yet?" Today we will learn to discuss transit boredom and address impatient passengers....

Topics: driving, boredom