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Grammar Points - Spanish Gender Agreement and Number!

by Eduardo

Posted on February 18, 2013 at 12:00 AM.

This post goes to all of those language learners who recently began studying Spanish. Don't be afraid! Spanish grammar can be difficult, but all you need is practice and a lot of patience!

In Spanish, all nouns are classified as having feminine and masculine grammatical gender. The adjectives that modify these nouns must reflect their gender, as do the pronouns that replace them.  

The most common way nouns and adjectives show their gender is through their endings (see examples below).  

  • amigo (masculine), amiga (feminine)
  • gato (masculine), gata (feminine)
The terms "masculine" and "feminine" refer primarily to grammatical classifications; they may or may not refer to the biological gender of the item in question. In fact, the masculine plural is used to refer to groups that include people or objects of both genders. For example, when you talk about "mis amigos," your listener will immediately assume that your friends are a group of both men and women.
Nouns are also classified as having plural and singular grammatical number. The adjectives that modify these nouns must reflect their number, as do the pronouns that replace them.

  • plural: estudian (they study)
  • singular: estudia (she studies)
  • plural: estudiantes (students)
  • singular: estudiante (student)
Spanish verbs, when conjugated also reflect the number of the subject of the sentence.
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