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How Many In Your Party?

There are six of us at a restaurant looking for a table, but we are a bit sensitive to cigarette smoke. How will we manage this situation in Spanish?  Listen to this lesson for a deeper understanding of restaurant etiquette in the Spanish-speaking world....

Topics: Restaurant, Smoking

Credit Card

You know what they say, "There's no such thing as a free lunch."  When the meal is over, it's time to ask for the check, the bill, the damage, the bad news...  Whatever you choose to call it, you gotta pay it!  I hope the guy in today's lesson carries some cash with him......

Topics: money, food, Restaurant

Bachelor Party!

Women dread it. Men wait in anxious anticipation for it. And all because it's one of those moments where a little indiscretion is allowed. The bachelor party, an event where a man says goodbye to his single life! In this lesson, join us as we throw a wild party......

Topics: Wedding, bachelor


Headache? Don't suffer, take something! This lesson is all about aspirin! Learn to request medicine, as well as to keep it out of the hands of the irresponsible ones!...

Topics: health, medicine

Pablo Neruda

Sentimientos, pasión, amor... todo ésto y mucho más trata de expresar el poeta Pablo Neruda en uno de sus sonetos de amor que forman parte de la lección de hoy. Recitar un poema y transmitir con él sentimientos es algo vital en cualquier idioma, tanto si es para disfrutar simplemente de poesía o com...

Topics: biography, Pablo_Neruda, Poetry

Flight Canceled

Airports can be very stressful specially if they cancel your flight! Today we teach you how to deal with your canceled flight. Learn how to ask to be on the waiting list and how to complain in Spanish!...

Topics: travel, flights

Looking for an Apartment

It's time to go apartment hunting, and SpanishPod is here to help you find that perfect pad.  In this lesson, we'll hear how to inquire about bedrooms, bathrooms, furnishing, when rent is due, and all the other realities of moving....

Topics: housing

Where to Study Spanish?

Today's lesson is for those of you who may be aspiring to study abroad.  If you go to the wrong place, you may pick up their language and be marked for life!  Not likely, but learn how a couple of native speakers navigate this issue in Spanish....

Topics: study, regional_accents

Let Me Pay

I'll pay for this!...No, no I will!..No, please, let me!...ahh, don't we all love those moments when you and your friend are fighting over the bill, but deep down you know neither of you really want to pay... Well, in this lesson, you will learn exactly how to deal with this social situation by refu...

Topics: restaurants

Día de las Madres

Hoy celebramos a las madres en SpanishPod. Muchas felicidades, esperemos que disfruten esta lección. Hoy escuchamos un dialogo entre madre e hija....

Topics: family, Holiday

What is She Like?

You lock eyes from across the room. You have no idea who she is, but you must know! Learn how to ask who someone is and about what they are like with this lesson....

Topics: names, people, questions, personality, descriptions

Where Are You?

Your phoen rings and look to see who it is: "Mom". Really? Again? As pesky as she may be, she only wants to check-in, so check out this lesson to let her know where you are....

Topics: family, school, location