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Olympics: arrival

by Natalia Kulikova

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 12:00 AM.

All the basic crossing-the-border vocabulary in the second episode of the ongoing Olympic series of Ruspod Shorts. Check in with the pre-Games journey of the Olympic fire and learn the words you'll need at the airport, dealing with taxi drivers, getting to the hotel and so on.

аэропорт [ah-eh-roh-PORT] — airport
самолёт [sah-mah-LYOT] — airplane
сам [sahm] — oneself
карта [KAHR-tah] — 1. card 2. map
очередь [OH-cheh-ryehd'] — 1. line 2. turn
паспорт [PAHS-port] — passport
виза [VEE-zah] — visa
такси [tahk-SEE] — taxi
деньги [DEHN'-gee] — money
обмен [ahb-MYEHN] — exchange
валюта [vah-LYOO-tah] — currency
сколько [SKOHL'-kah] — how much
багаж [bah-GAHZH] — luggage
отель [ah-TEHL'] — hotel

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