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by Natalia Kulikova

Posted on June 21, 2013 at 12:00 AM.

A geography lesson on Ruspod.com! Learn the cardinal directions in Russian, get introduced to the regions of Russia, find out what “Asiope” is, and (try to find the logical link here) how you can say “to waste on alcohol” with just one Russian word.

пропить [prah-PEET’] — to waste on alcohol
cевер [SYEH-vyer] — north
юг [yook] — south
запад [ZAH-pahd] — west
восток [vuh-STOHK] — east
центр [tsentr] — center
Русский Север [ROOS-keey SYEH-vyer] — the Russian North
Дальний Восток [DAHL’-neey vuh-STOHK] — the Far East
Европа [yeh-VROH-pah] — Europe
Азия [AH-zee-yah] — Asia
Евразия [yeh-VRAH-zee-yah] — Eurasia
Урал [ooh-RAHL] — Ural

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