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All in the family

by Natalia Kulikova

Posted on June 7, 2013 at 12:00 AM.

The Russian word for the family — Семья — can be broken up into two words: "Семь я" means "Seven I's", seven different personalities. To learn the Russian words for all of those personalities, listen to this episode of Ruspod Shorts dealing with the family vocabulary.

семья [syem'-YAH] — family
мама [MAH-mah] — mom
мать [maht'] — mother
папа [PAH-pah] — dad
отец [ah-TYEHTS] — father
сын [syhn] — son
дочь [dohch] — daughter
дед [dyeht] — grandfather
дедушка [DYEH-doosh-kah] — grandpa
бабушка [BAH-boosh-kah] — grandma
дядя [DYAH-dyah] — uncle
тётя [TYOH-tyah] — aunt

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