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Russian common names

by Natalia Kulikova

Posted on May 10, 2013 at 12:00 AM.

Did you know there are more than 160 different spellings of the name Unique, such as Uneek, Uneqqee, and so on? Good news for a Russian student is you won't have to deal with anything similar in the Russian language. We use just a bunch of common names, and you can learn the most common of them, along with the patterns of forming last names, in this episode of Ruspod Shorts.

Иван [ee-VAHN] — Ivan
Иванович [ee-VAH-nah-veech] — Ivanovitch, the son of Ivan

Александр [ah-lyehk-SAHNDR] — Alexander
Александра [ah-lyehk-SAHN-drah] — Alexandra
Саша, Саня, Шура [SAH-sha, SAH-nyah, SHOO-rah] — versions of "Alexander"
Сергей [syer-GEY] — Sergey
Серёжа [sye-RYOH-zhah] — a version of Sergey
Дмитрий [DMEE-treey] — Dmitry
Дима [DEE-mah] — version of Dmirty

Анастасия [ah-nah-stah-SEE-yah] — Anastasia
Настя [NAH-styah] — version of Anastasia

Елена [yeh-LYEH-nah] — Elena
Лена [LEYH-nah] — version of Elena

Ольга [OH-lga] — Olga
Оля [OH-lya] — version of Olya

Медведев [myed-vyeh-DYEV] — Medvedev
медведь [myed-vyehd'] — a bear
Петр [pyotr] — Peter
Петров [pyet-ROHV] — Petrov

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