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Happy birthday!

by Natalia Kulikova

Posted on March 29, 2013 at 12:00 AM.

In this episode of Ruspod Shorts, learn everything about Russian birthdays: what to say, how to celebrate, when did the holiday become important, why pulling somebody by their ears is a good thing, and saying "Happy birthday" too early is bad — all that and a little more.

день рождения [dyen' rah-ZHDYEN'-yah] — birthday
с днем рождения [s dnyom rah-ZHDYEN'-yah] — happy birthday
подарок [pah-DAH-rak] — present, gift
вот подарок [voht pah-DAH-rak] — here's the present
поздравляю [pah-zdrah-VLYAH-yooh] — congratulations
именины [ee-meh-NEE-nyh] — name day
именинник [ee-meh-NEEN-neek] — birthday boy

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