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YOU and you

by Natalia Kulikova

Posted on January 20, 2013 at 12:00 AM.

The Russian language is full of traps: even the simple pronoun "you" can get you in trouble if you choose the wrong version of it!

Learn how to be polite or rude, stay formal or get intimate just by using the right kind of "you" in this episode of Ruspod Shorts.

ты [tyh] — singular version of "you", used to talk with friends, relatives, or people who don't deserve respect
вы [vyh] — plural and formal version of "you", used either with multiple people, or with strangers, older people, and in formal settings
откуда вы? [ut-KOO-dah vyh?] — where are you from? (formal)
откуда ты? [ut-KOO-dah tyh?] — where are you from? (informal)
как вас зовут? [kahk vahs zah-VOOT?] — what's your name? (formal)
как тебя зовут? [kahk tyeh-BYAH zah-VOOT?] — what's your name? (informal)
меня зовут... [myeh-NYAH zah-VOOT] — my name is...
Саша [SAH-shah] / Александр [ah-lehk-SAHN-dr]  — Sasha/Alexander, the short and the longer version of the name
не «вы», а «ты» [nyeh vyh ah tyh] — not the formal "you", but the informal "you"

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