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I'll be in Oslo

While you may be dreaming to visit Russia, many Russians are yearning to escape it and to go abroad. Let's hear some of their travel plans and learn to describe our own!...

Topics: travelling

Meeting a Russian girl

How can you pick up a gorgeous Russian girl? Or a guy, for that matter? Let's see how to start or not to start a conversation in Russian, and also how to react to some silly pick-up lines. Today's Grammar will help you with it: We'll learn Russian construction for asking one's name and the necessary...

Topics: names, relationship

Three stations

Moscow is an awesome city full of architectural surprises. For instance, here is this impressive square – Комсомольская площадь. It seems to be filled with magnificent castles and cathedrals, or isn't it? Actually, all those buildings are railway stations, and today we'll take a closer look at them...

Topics: Russian_context

I'm the CEO!

When starting a conversation in Russian it's not enough to know someone's name: You also have to address a person properly and politely. Our lesson will help you to avoid some possible faux-pas in dealing with intricate Russian politeness rules. In today's Grammar, we'll encounter formal personal pr...

Topics: business

Where are you?

Location, location, location! Location is everything. But what if you don't know where you are? See how the girl from our dialog masters it. We bet that after finishing this lesson, you'll be able to cope with such situations even better!...

Topics: location

Tea or coffee?

Would you like tea or coffee? This dilemma awaits you not only in cafés, but also at meetings – like in our dialog. After this lesson, you'll have no problems in either ordering tea or coffee, or offering it to others. In addition, we'll get to know different kinds of tea in Russia and have a look a...

Topics: food, eating_out

It's only us here!

It's time to visit a Russian restaurant! Is there one in the vicinity? No problem if you're in Moscow – and quite a chore in a small provincial town.  And how do we order? In this lesson, you will learn how to order food in Russian, find out about different types of typical Russian eateries and get ...

Topics: food, eating_out

Vacation plans

Summer is nearing, so it's high time to plan our next vacation! There are so many places to see around the world, but the sad key question is usually: What will our purse allow? In this lesson, we'll listen to dialog characters watching a travel show on TV and find out more about Russian ways to tra...

Topics: travelling

The early bird gets the worm

Доброе утро! Good morning! Some of us enjoy rising early and starting the day with the birdies, but for the larger part of humanity it's an everyday torture. Just like for the hero of today's dialog: At tough times like these, even coffee doesn't help. But maybe a couple of soothing folk-sayings abo...

Topics: Russian_context