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Back Injuries Are The Worst

What is more frustrating than back pain? Do you rest more or stretch more? Do you exercise more, or exercise less? Do you take medicine, or stop taking medicine. We can’t relieve the pain, but we can help you talk about it in Portuguese....

Grammar: Verbs

Published: March 07, 2017

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Food In Bahia Is Awesome

Bahia, if food doesn’t come to mind as the very first thing, chances are that it’s the still one of the top associations.  Vatapa, caruru, moqueca, it just seems that the never-ending list of great foods just sparkle with a Bahia shine.  In today’s lesson we focus on the food that perhaps most we mo...

Topic: Technology
Grammar: Verbs

Published: October 04, 2016

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Are You Going To The Olympics?

We have been looking forward to this for years. The Olympics are coming to Brazil and now we have to decide if we are going to attend the events live.  After today’s lesson, you should be more excited than ever to attend....

Grammar: Verbs
Topic: Olympics

Published: June 14, 2016

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First Time In Brazil?

We can pretend that the reason that we are traveling to Brazil is to work or to study, but in this lesson we learn how to confess what really motivates our travel.  Listen and find out what....

Topic: Travel
Grammar: Verbs, Infinitives

Published: December 08, 2015

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