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How To Tie A Tie

Do you know how to tie a tie?  Isn’t there something about a rabbit going around the hole and then back in the hole? If that is too complicated, let’s teach you how to tie a tie in Portuguese.  Here we go!...

Topic: Clothing

Published: June 20, 2017

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Can't Find The Remote, Again

We all know that we need this lesson.  Who hasn’t lost the remote? All remote just seem to disappear, and the same is true in Brazil.  We can’t guarantee that it will be any easier to find the remote, but after this lesson you will at least be able to ask for it in Portuguese....

Topic: Home_Life

Published: May 03, 2016

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Where Are My Keys?

If most of us had a dime for every time we misplace our keys, we would all be able to finance our next trip to Brazil.  And yet, misplacing keys and being to ask about them in Portuguese are two different things.  By the end of this lesson, you will at least know how to ask about them, even if you s...

Published: October 27, 2015

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Where's The Bathroom?

It's one thing to ask where the bathroom is, but it is another thing to be able to understand the directions that are given too.  In this case, is the bathroom on the left or on the right?  Learn how to ask for directions, and then follow them as well....

Topic: Directions

Published: June 23, 2014

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