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Is That Xote Or Baião?


Topic: Music
Grammar: Vir

Published: May 23, 2017

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So, How's The Soup?

It’s OK to experiment with new recipes, but sometimes it’s better not to mess with a good thing.  In today’s lesson we find out that the old soup recipe was just fine. Leave well enough alone.  Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And in this case we all gain in learning some more Portuguese....

Topic: Food

Published: September 13, 2016

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Grandma's Fruit Preserves

Lots of us have great memories of watching grandma making jams and preserves.  Picking the fruits, adding the sugar, putting it in jars, ahh the good old days with granny.  In today’s lesson we reminisce about all of this and how great it was to have grandma around!...

Topic: Food

Published: September 06, 2016

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Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

We know that people love their pets, and we love ours too.  But really, if the only thing that people like about you more than their pet is that you don’t shed hair all over, well that’s not much of a complement.  Still, it sounds better in Portuguese....

Topic: Animals

Published: April 19, 2016

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Do You Like Your Job?

You love your job, but it’s your boss who makes things difficult, right? Hey, we feel your pain, and after this lesson, we’ll be able to feel your pain, and talk about it, in Portuguese....

Topic: Work

Published: April 05, 2016

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Watching Health And Well-Being Shows

Some love those television shows about health, well-being, fitness, and relationships.  Others think that they are a lot of nonsense. Informative or entertainment, helpful or deceiving, in this lesson we get to talk about all of this in Portuguese....

Grammar: Exclamations
Topic: Home_Life

Published: December 01, 2015

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Did You Like The Movie?

Going to the movies is much more involved than it used to be.  You used to be able to just choose the movie.  Now you decide on 3D, fancy seats, assigned seating, apps to download, meals and treats, early shows, it’s much more involved.  Still, the language you need to talk about what you like and d...

Topic: Movies
Grammar: Achar

Published: September 22, 2015

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What Type Of Music Do You Like?

Truth told, if you learn Portuguese for no other reason than to simply listen to Brazilian music, you have got a perfect reason to learn the language.  This lesson will get you started on talking about the music that you like....

Topic: Music

Published: September 15, 2015

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