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The Microwave Stopped Working

Out of all the appliances that one might need in the kitchen, for many the microwave oven is the most used.  Cooking, what do you mean cooking? We just heat things up, right?  No matter how you use the microwave, in today’s lesson we learn to talk about it in Portuguese....

Topic: Home_Life

Published: August 30, 2016

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Hacking Into Wifi Networks

Security, network safety, computer hacking, wifi networks, passwords, where does it stop? Are we being prudently cautious or just paranoid? That is the topic in today’s lesson, and come away with lots of new vocabulary related to high tech as well....

Topic: Technology
Grammar: Conditional

Published: December 15, 2015

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O Novo iPad Saiu

Yeah, the new iPad is out, and Antonio wants to take a peek.  Andreia, however, is skeptical.  Is it a big deal, or just another excuse to spend money on a new toy?  In today’s lesson we’ll see how much Brazilian adopt new foreign words into their everyday speech....

Host: Orlando, Sonia
Topic: Technology

Published: March 03, 2015

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