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I'm Going To Throw Up

Maybe it’s something you ate.  Maybe you just ate too much.  Or maybe you’ve caught some flu bug.  Either way, you aren’t feeling very well, and chances are that you are going to throw up.  And on that happy note, in today’s lesson we learn to talk about all of this in Portuguese!...

Function: physical_issues
Topic: Health
Grammar: Que

Published: June 16, 2015

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Turn Right At The Third Door

Let’s hope that section18 row 25 has good seats for whatever performance Daniela in our dialog is attending.  And let’s also hope that they can follow the instructions to find those seats.  In today’s lesson we learn the Portuguese phrases that you’ll need to get from one place to another....

Topic: Directions

Published: June 16, 2015

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Have You Quit Smoking?

João has been trying to quit smoking.  He’s not quite there yet, but looks like he is still motivated to kick the habit.  Good thing for João. And good thing for us too, because we learn to talk about it in Portuguese....

Topic: Habits
Function: Smoking

Published: June 09, 2015

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Get Out Of Bed

We’ve all been there.  The alarm clock doesn’t go off as expected and the next thing we know, somebody is yelling at us to get up. We’ve all been there.  And in today’s lesson you can relive the moment in Portuguese!...

Topic: Home_Life
Grammar: Telling_Time

Published: June 02, 2015

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What A Terrible Smell

Poor old João, he’s been playing ball, comes home all sweating and hot.  Should we give the guy a few minutes to cool down or should we tell him to go jump in the showers?  He smells terrible, and it’s a good thing that in this lesson we can tell people to go take a bath in Portuguese....

Topic: Hygiene

Published: May 26, 2015

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What Kind Of Steak Do You Like?

Brazilian churrasco (BBQ) is world famous, especially among the beef lovers of the world.  Probably two of the major features include the use of sea salt in the flavoring and the unique cuts of meat, including the well-known picanha.  In today’s lesson however, we find out that picanha isn’t everyone’s favorite cut of meat....

Topic: Food
Grammar: Conditional

Published: May 19, 2015

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What Are You Doing?

Oops, looks like some people just got caught at working doing something that they weren’t supposed to do.  We’ll leave it up to your imagination to say what they were doing.  However, in this lesson we’ll give you the specific words and grammar that you’ll need to talk about it, whatever it was....

Topic: Work
Function: Making_Excuses

Published: May 12, 2015

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I Don't Like Açaí

We’ve all heard about the wonders of the açaí berry: antioxidants, fiber, low in fat, super energy, etc.  Whether that is true or not, there are those who just love the taste of açaí smoothies.  Others, however, just can’t get used to the unique taste.  After this lesson, if you haven’t every tried açaí, you’ll wonder which side of the debate you will be on....

Topic: Food

Published: May 05, 2015

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Meeting Your New Professor

It’s always nice to meet someone new, and in this lesson we meet our new professor, who is nice enough to invite us in for a chat....

Topic: Greetings
Function: Introductions

Published: April 28, 2015

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I Don't Get Art

Some love museums, and others don’t.  What is exceptionally exciting for one person, is the height of boredom for another.  Either way, if you do go to the museum, don’t ruin it for the others by making wisecracks, snide comments, and ugly faces during the whole visit.  Be nice, and in this lesson we learn to be nice about it in Portuguese....

Topic: Museums

Published: April 21, 2015

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How Do You Spell That?

Do you know how in English we sometimes aren’t sure if words are spelled with an ‘s’ or a ‘c’?  The same thing happens for Brazilians in Portuguese.  There are some words that are harder to spell.  Let’s learn about that in today’s lesson....

Published: April 14, 2015

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I Nearly Froze To Death

Really? I mean seriously! How is it possible for people to live in places where the winter temperatures are below freezing?  We know that many people do, but for people like Marcos in today’s lesson, those cold temperatures are shocking!  And that’s what we learn to talk about in today’s lesson....

Host: Orlando, Sonia
Topic: Weather

Published: April 07, 2015

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Reserving The Conference Room

The company may have a new conference room, but just try to make a reservation to use it.  Others have it reserved for today.  But don’t worry, tomorrow it’s available all day.  And after today’s lesson, you be able to make the same reservations in Portuguese too....

Host: Orlando, Sonia
Topic: Jobs

Published: March 31, 2015

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I Just Love To Travel

In this lesson we not only learn how to talk about traveling, but we also get the added bonus of talking about Florianopolis, truly one of the jewels of the southern part of Brazil. ...

Host: Orlando, Sonia
Topic: Travel

Published: March 24, 2015

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Love That Perfume

Buying perfume seems to be as complicated as choosing a fine wine. There is a combination of personal taste mixed with a knowledge about top notes, middle notes and a whole list of different scents and aromas.  In this lesson we take on the task of buying perfume, and in the end, even the decorative bottle becomes part of the purchase decision....

Host: Orlando, Sonia
Topic: Shopping

Published: March 10, 2015

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O Novo iPad Saiu

Yeah, the new iPad is out, and Antonio wants to take a peek.  Andreia, however, is skeptical.  Is it a big deal, or just another excuse to spend money on a new toy?  In today’s lesson we’ll see how much Brazilian adopt new foreign words into their everyday speech....

Host: Orlando, Sonia
Topic: Technology

Published: March 03, 2015

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Give Me A Dozen Roses

We all hope that someday, as a foreigner in Brazil, you have the opportunity to buy flowers.  There is a delightful mix of the excitement in seeing the many new flowers, the relatively cheaper prices, and the fun of the exchange with the flower sellers.  In this lesson we should learn some of the Portuguese that you’ll need for your flower-buying experience....

Host: Orlando, Sonia
Topic: Shopping

Published: February 17, 2015

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No Fried Foods

What could it hurt, a little fried food for lunch, no big deal, right?  If it means that you get to eat quibe, esfirra, coxinha and pastelzinhos, perhaps the extra calories are worth it.  But then again, too much of a good thing might add on the extra pounds.  After today’s lesson, you will be able to either order more fried foods or avoid more fried foods!...

Host: Orlando, Sonia
Topic: Food
Function: Eating_Healthy

Published: February 10, 2015

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