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Elementary Course 1


This course is designed for students with a basic knowledge of Portuguese. Topics covered will include navigating transportation, discussing emotions, and more in-depth daily life topics.

Did You Sleep Well?

6:30am can seem so early sometimes!  How about we sleep a little longer, OK?  Learn how to ask what time it is, and while you are at it, suggest that we sleep just a little more....

Topics: Time

Which Bus Should I Take?

Large cities in Brazil have thousands of public buses, all of them with complicated routes, hundreds of bus stops, and tons of different schedules.  In this lesson we learn how to ask what streets a bus will go down, super practical information to for those who will be traveling in Brazil.  ...

Topics: Travel

You Can't Keep Working Like This

Sometimes we just can’t get away from our work.  But really, is it more important than taking a break to go out to lunch with friends?  In this lesson we learn about how to invite others to lunch.  Hopefully you will be able to accept the invite, unlike Paulo in this lesson!...

Topics: Working_Too_Hard

What Is Today's Special?

Sure, the daily lunch special is good too, but it is hard to beat the usual, which in today's lesson is a cheese bacon burger with fries and a soft drink.  Learn about how to invite your friends to try something new to eat....

Topics: Food

I Love Feijoada

In today's lesson we learn about how to talk about one of the most characteristic foods of Brazil, feijoada.  Think of a black bean stew with lots of different meats, that are all served over rice.  You've got it.  And for meat lovers, it is hard to resist....

Topics: Food

How Many Languages Do You Speak?

Since you are tring to learn Portuguese, it only makes sense that we have a lesson on how to say the names of other languages too.  And that is what today's lesson is all about....

Topics: Languages

No Class Tomorrow

So the word for Wednesday in Portuguese is something like ‘fourth market.’  OK, looks like we need to learn how to count the days of the week.  In today’s lesson we learn about scheduling times to meet with a teacher, including days of the week....

Topics: Class

Finding The Taxi Stand

It is one thing to ask where the taxi stand is, but it is another thing to understand the response.  A good part of understanding these instructions is related to how well one understands those pesky adverbs of location (e.g., to the right, to the left, etc.).  And that is the objective behind today...

Topics: Taxi_Stand