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Where Are You From?

So where are you from?  In this lesson we find out that Paulo is from Rio.  And the young lady that he is talking to, she is from Brasilia, what some people call "Brazil's big sky" country.  Learn how to ask where somebody is from....

Topics: Origin

How You Doing?

Let's see how Paulo is doing.  Because when he is doing fine, we all feel better.  In this lesson we learn how to ask people how they are doing.  Even better, we learn how to respond to that question too....

Topics: Greetings

Did You Sleep Well?

6:30am can seem so early sometimes!  How about we sleep a little longer, OK?  Learn how to ask what time it is, and while you are at it, suggest that we sleep just a little more....

Topics: Time

Which Bus Should I Take?

Large cities in Brazil have thousands of public buses, all of them with complicated routes, hundreds of bus stops, and tons of different schedules.  In this lesson we learn how to ask what streets a bus will go down, super practical information to for those who will be traveling in Brazil.  ...

Topics: Travel