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Beginner Course 1


Build a strong basis in Brazilian Portuguese with this beginner course for complete beginners. Topics include greetings, describing where you're from, and discussing likes and dislikes.

Where Are You From?

So where are you from?  In this lesson we find out that Paulo is from Rio.  And the young lady that he is talking to, she is from Brasilia, what some people call "Brazil's big sky" country.  Learn how to ask where somebody is from....

Topics: Origin

How You Doing?

Let's see how Paulo is doing.  Because when he is doing fine, we all feel better.  In this lesson we learn how to ask people how they are doing.  Even better, we learn how to respond to that question too....

Topics: Greetings

Where's The Bathroom?

It's one thing to ask where the bathroom is, but it is another thing to be able to understand the directions that are given too.  In this case, is the bathroom on the left or on the right?  Learn how to ask for directions, and then follow them as well....

Topics: Directions

Where Are The Kid's Clothes?

Modern shopping malls in Brazil are called, shopping.  Be careful however, because it is easy to get lost in the maze of floors and corridors.  In today's lesson, learn how to follow the instructions to get to the children's clothing section on the fourth floor....

Topics: Directions, Shopping

Anybody Home?

Anybody home?!!!!  In this lesson you learn how to ask if anyone is home and you also get some hints about what Brazilians say when they invite someone to come into their home.  Don't worry, we are sure that they will tell you to make yourself comfortable....

Topics: Visiting_Friends

Going To The Movies?

Everyone is going to the movies, and Susana is going too.  Do you want to come along?  In this lesson find out how, and while you are at it, learn all about the verb IR, (to go)....

Topics: Movies

How Old Are You?

Maybe socially you shouldn't ask everyone their age, but after this lesson we will at least know how to do so, for those occasions when it is OK to ask.  While we are at it, this lesson also gives us a nice introduction to the ver TER (to have) vs. ESTAR COM (to be with)....

Topics: Age

What Do You Do For Work?

We sincerely doubt that Paulo has some secret government job, but at least in this lesson you will learn how to ask people what type of job they have....

Topics: Work, Jobs

Your Sister Is Beautiful

Not only is Paulo’s sister beautiful, looks like Paulo thinks he is pretty good looking too!  In this lesson we learn how to give a complement, and ask someone what he or she thinks about things. Grammatically, we take on possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, etc.)....

Topics: Describing_others

I'd Rather Walk

So, should we walk or take a taxi?  On one hand, plan on walking more in Brazil.  On the other hand, taxi are not every expensive, especially with a small group of people.  In today’s lesson we talk about walking and taking a taxi.  And, it is a good chance to introduce you to the verb preferir ‘to ...

Topics: Travel, Taxi_Stand

Let's Take The Subway

Oh man, when we talk about how crowded the subways can be in Brazil, we really mean full.  Put a smile on your face, squeeze in a little tighter, and plan on meeting new people in a personal way.  In today’s lesson we learn about talking about subways, and suggesting that we take the subway....

Topics: Travel

These Mangos Are Great

Introduction  One of life’s most satisfying pleasures is to spend time at open outdoor markets, the feiras, as Brazilians call them.  The sellers are amazing.  They know exactly when the fruit will be ripe and they can help you choose the best one available.  There’s also an art to how to settle on ...

Topics: Food

Everything Is More Expensive

We hate to say it, but unfortunately things are more expensive.  That’s just the way it’s going to be.  At least in this lesson we can moan and groan about it a little bit in Portuguese....

Topics: Food

I'm Making Dinner

If you are inviting me to eat moqueca, you don’t need to invite me to twice.  I’ll wash up and take a seat.  And if you haven’t tried moqueca, at least this lesson gives you the vocabulary and grammar to talk about it....

Topics: Food

I'm Fat

It’s one of life’s great challenges, do you buy extra large to feel more comfortable or do you buy a large to not have to tell the world that you are getting a little fatter?  Truth told, you are looking good either way, and today we learn how to talk about that in Portuguese. ...

Topics: Shopping