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Beginner Korean Course 1


Learn about the exciting world of South Korea with this 12-lesson introductory course to Korean. Topics covered include introductions, talking about going to karaoke, asking for a discount on plastic surgery, and being clear that you are in fact not from North Korea.


You are meeting someone for the first time and that happens to be Korean! Here are some basic sentences that you can use to introduce yourself in polite Korean way. ...

Topics: introductions, greetings

What is This?

What is this? What is that? You may have no idea what anything is, but with this lesson you'll learn how to ask about the world around you to your heart's content. ...

Topics: food, restaurant, ordering

Is this Your Samsung Phone?

In the busy lives that we lead, we sometimes lose things. And sometimes, we find those things that others lose. Learn how to ask if something is someone else's while addressing them politely....

Topics: cell_phones, samsung, yours

Are You North Korean?

The world is a big place that contains a huge number of countries and just as many nationalities. Learn how to ask about someone's nationality in Korean!...

Topics: nationalities, north_korea

Who Is That?

People, people, people, everywhere you go. But who are they? Who is he? And her, you always forget her name. Who is she again? Learn in this lesson how to ask who someone is....

Topics: people, celebrities

I'm Studying Korean

Eating food, going to school, watching a movie, talking with friends - people tend to do things quite often. Take your Korea to the next level and learn how to ask a basic qestion "What  are you doing?"....

Topics: school, studying

Tickets to the K-Pop Concert

All the biggest acts are coming to town, so make sure you don't get stuck without a ticket. But are you going to go to Girl's Generation or Big Bang?...

Topics: k-pop, music, concert, tickets

I'm a Plastic Surgeon

Inbetween waking up and going to sleep, we all do something everyday. Do you work? Do you study? Learn in this lesson how to say what you do....

Topics: professions, teacher, doctor

Let's Go to Karaoke!

We live in a beautiful world with endless fascinating places to go. Before you hop onto that bicycle, car, train, airplane, or boat, learn how to tell everyone you're going so that you don't disappear into the night without a trace. ...

Topics: karaoke, activities, nightlife

Where Is the Restroom?

You've been holding it for too long and are about to explode, but you don't want to make a fool of yourself by trying to act out "restroom" to an innocent bystander. How do you ask "where is the restroom" in Korean? Listen in to find out!...

Topics: restroom, directions

Hey Hottie, What's Your Number?

The moment of truth: you've met someone you get along with and are both obviously enjoying eachother's company, but how do you ask what their phone number is so the friendship can continue? Learn how to ask for someone's phone number and the all-important numbers zero through ten!...

Topics: phone_numbers, dating, numbers

I'm Hungry! Let's Eat!

Food, one of the human race's great univerals - something that is treasured and loved by people from all across the globe. But not everyone likes the same things, do they? Learn how to say what food you want (and do not) want with this lesson....

Topics: food, drink, restaurants