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Surfs up! You may not associate the urban metropolis of Tokyo with surfing, but with tons of beaches nearby it's a popular activity for local residents. Learn some of the lingo to make sure you're up-to-date next time you hit the surf....

Host: Wakako, Jason

Published: August 04, 2014

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Going on a Cruise

You've been working like a dog and finally it's time for your break - a cruise to Okinawa! Where did you go and what did you do? And why are you SO tan?...

Host: Wakako, Jason
Grammar: 期間

Published: May 26, 2014

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Let's Go to the Beach

It's hot, it's the weekend, and the city is suffocating you. Where should you go? The beach of course! Learn how to invite people to go somewhere with you and how to politely decline. ...

Host: Wakako, Jason

Published: January 22, 2014

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