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Pre-Intermediate Japanese Course 3


This course will further your exploration into more complex grammatical structures and situations. Topics covered include ordering at a restaurant, polite language, and taking a taxi.

Sightseeing in Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the great sightseeing cities of the world. With countless temples and shrines to visit and beautifully preserved traditional neighborhoods to stroll around, one can spend a great deal of time taking in its beauty. Learn about some of the most famous sights of the old capital and how ...

Topics: Kyoto, temples, sightseeing, shrines

Buying a Train Ticket

Riding a train is an everyday reality for most people in Japan. If you're taking a subway or a commuter train, you can buy a ticket from a machine and ride to your destination without talking to anyone. But if you want to go a bit further afield, you're going to approach the dreaded ticket counter. ...

Topics: trains, tickets, buying

Ordering at a Restaurant

It's time to kick back and relax and chow down. You sit down at the restaurant but now you have to decide what you want. And more importantly, how do you say it correctly? Check out this lesson to learn how to properly order at a restaurant....

Topics: restaurants, food

Taking a Taxi

The subway station is too far and the busses too time-consuming - it's time for a taxi. But before you get in and on your way, make sure you know how to properly explain where you're going so that you don't end up endlessly riding around in circles with the meter running....

Topics: directions, taxi

Clothes Shopping

Shopping for clothes can be a trying experience. So many options, so many blaring lights, and so many overbearing store workers asking if you need their help. How do you navigate the scenario of trying to find that perfect garment in Japan?...

Topics: shopping, clothes

Keitai vs. Smart Phones

It's an agonizing decision facing many of us these days: continue using your flip phone or upgrade to a smartphone? What can smartphones do that cell phones can't? And what are the reasons people decide to stick with their old cell phones? ...

Topics: cell_phones, technology

Sending a Fax

No, it's not 1995. Fax is still an oddly normal part of many peoples' lives in Japan. Learn how to send a fax in Japanese with this lesson....

Topics: technology, fax

Visiting Someone's House

Visiting another person's home in Japan often requires the highest degrees of formality. Get a basic introduction to the polite form of Japanese, 敬語(けいご), in this lesson....

Topics: politeness, manners, 敬語


Earthquakes are a common occurance across Japan. Do you know what to do when the big one hits?...

Topics: earthquakes, natural_disasters, tsunamis

After-Work Drinks

It's 6 o'clock and it's time to go home. But not so fast - it's time to go out to drinks with your coworkers. And don't try to get out of it, because the boss is coming too....

Topics: work, drinks


Almost every kid is bound to ask at some point - "can we have a pet?" But is the apartment big enough for a dog? And what about the noise and the neighbors? Is this your kid even responsible enough to take care of an animal?  ...

Topics: pets, kids


It's all well and good that you know your Western pop artists, but do you know your Kyari Pamyu Pamyu from your Amuro Namie? Make sure you're up to date on all the Japanese aidoru with this lesson Japanese pop music, or "J-Pop"....

Topics: music, hobbies