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Pre-Intermediate Japanese Course 2


Continue building on your knowledge of Japanese language and culture with this second pre-intermediate course. Topics covered include holidays, common activities when traveling such as booking hotel rooms and making dinner reservations, and surfing!

The World Cup

Four years have passed and it is once again time for the World Cup. Japan is battling it out this year, but how are they going to do? And will they even make it past the qualifying stage?...

Topics: sports, soccer, world_cup

Summer Weather in Japan

Summer weather in Japan is no walk in the park - it's a long season of torrential muggy rain followed by sweltering hot days. Learn how to beat the Japanese summer heat with this lesson!...

Topics: summer, weather


Tanabata is not a holiday that gets much press outside of Japan, but no need - Japan's happy to celebrate it in its full anyway. Learn about what goes down across Japan every July 7th with this lesson....

Topics: festivals, holidays, traditions

Going to the Movies

With the rainy season in full swing, it's a good time to run to the nearest movie theater to spend an afternoon in front of the silver screen. Make sure you chose a movie that hasn't started or is already full and that you get your student discount with this lesson on buying movie tickets....

Topics: movies, tickets, movie_theaters


Never heard of Pachinko? Well, if you've ever been to Japan, you've definitely heard it. This peculiar form of Japanese gambling is ubiquitous across the country, but what's actually going on in these sound and cigarette smoke-filled spaces?...

Topics: pachinko, gambling


Many of us are familiar with kimono, the beautiful traditional robes of Japan. But did you know that not all Kimono are made equal? Learn about some of the distinctions in these distinctive articles of clothing and when they're weared with this lesson....

Topics: clothes, kimono

Making a Dinner Reservation

You know that restaurant that's supposed to be amazing that you want to go to this Friday night? Well, so does everyone else. That's why you have to make a reservation first! But how do you do it correctly, and what sort of things can you request?...

Topics: restaurants, dinner, reservations

Booking a Hotel Room

It's late, you're tired, and you putz up to the hotel without a reservation. What now? Learn how to book a room that's right for you with this lesson....

Topics: travel, reservations, hotels

Ordering a Drink

You're ready for another drink and have finally gotten the attention of the bartender. No what? Learn all the jargon to get just the drink you want, or even ask for a suggestion, with this lesson....

Topics: drinks, nightlife, ordering


Surfs up! You may not associate the urban metropolis of Tokyo with surfing, but with tons of beaches nearby it's a popular activity for local residents. Learn some of the lingo to make sure you're up-to-date next time you hit the surf....

Topics: beach, surfing, ocean, swimming


Karaoke is one of the most popular things to do with friends in Japan. But do you know the words you need to know to sign with the best of them? And should you take that invitation or not?...

Topics: friends, invitations, karaoke, nightlife


Obon is one of the biggest traditional Japanese holidays still celebrated today. Never heard of it? No problem, check out this lesson to learn more....

Topics: family, holidays, obon