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Elementary Japanese Course 2


Having moved beyond the basics of the language, this course will assist you in starting to construct and understand more complex sentence constructions. This course will help take your Japanese beyond basic interactions and allow you to engage more with the world around you.

I Have a Date Today

You've put on your best clothes, perfected your hairstyle, and made yourself smell nice. You're ready for your date! But first you need to remember where exactly it is......

Topics: politeness, locations, directions, dates, confusion, convenience_stores

Hello? Where are you?

Finding a friend in a crowded public space can always be difficult, but especially if you're in downtown Tokyo. Learn basic telephone etiquette, some background about one of Tokyo's most famous neighborhoods, and one of the most important nouns in all of Japanese with this very useful lesson....

Topics: friends, telephone, meeting, city, downtown, phonecall, location

How Was Your First Date?

First Dates: their the things of dreams and nightmares, a recipe for ever-lasting love of an attempt at a quick get-away. Learn how to make basic statements in the tense in this lesson about recounting a fateful first encounter....

Topics: friends, politeness, clothing, dates, dating, movies, formality, fashion, emotions

Do You Know This Song?

The song comes on and everyone knows it - except you. You could play the game of pretending you know exactly what's going on, but instead you'll ask the person standing next to you who it is. Learn how to do this and talk about music in general with this lesson....

Topics: friends, music, songs, karaoke, izayaka, drinking, singers, Kyu_Sakamoto, singing

Japanese Pronunciation is Difficult

Japanese pronunciation is often thought of as being quite simple. In many ways this is true, but when you delve a bit deeper it actually becomes quite complex. Learn about the difficult intricacies of Japanese pronunciation and the pitch accent system with this lesson....

Topics: pronunciation, pitch, homonyms, confusing, short_form


Have you ever seen sumo before? Because if you haven't, you'll probably have an opinion or two. What are they doing? What are they wearing? Learn about this ancient Japanese sport while learning how to state your opinion with this lesson....

Topics: friends, sports, sumo, opinions, traditional_culture

I'm Not Going to the Party

Sometimes you just don't want to go, plain and simple. Yes yes, everyone is going, and you'll be "missing out", but if you're not up for it you're not up for it. Learn how to decline an invitation and state that you're not going to the party with this lesson....

Topics: friends, invitations, work, parties, alcohol

There Was Just an Accident

You're in the office when all of the sudden you hear a loud and unsettling noise. Did your coworkers hear it? Did they see anything? Learn the all-important short-form past tense with this lesson....

Topics: emotions, office, cars, casual_conversation

Leaving a Phone Message

We messed up big time - everyone forgot to call that one person to tell them the plan, and now we're here waiting. Quick! Leave a phone message and make sure it sounds natural with help from this lesson....

Topics: friends, plans, telephone, messages

Describing Personalities

Ah, yes, childhood - we were all special snowflakes, myriad in our forms and shapes. But what form did you take? Were you a serious kid, a shy kid, or were you a bit more of an individual? And are you still that today?...

Topics: friends, personalities, childhood

Skiing or Snowboarding?

The eternal question: skiing or snowboarding? This question is equally timeless in Japan as it is elsewhere, where winter sports are a big deal. Will you ski like you always do, or will you try snowboarding for the first time? And watch out on the slopes - it can be easy to injure yourself, too....

Topics: sports, skiing, snowboarding, injuries

Please Come See Me After Class

It's the six words no student ever wants to hear from a teacher "Come see me after class." Are you in trouble? What did you do? Relive the horror of your school-aged days with this lesson....

Topics: school, Japan