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Elementary Japanese Course 1


A useful and comprehensive overview of fundamental communication methods and phrases in Japanese to enable you to express more complex concepts. 

What Did You Do This Summer?

Ah, Summer Break - a time of limitless possibilities and sun exposure. Where did you go and what did you do? Learn how to tell your friends and family what you did during your vacation with this lesson on the past tense. ...

Topics: travel, summer, vacation, europe

Who Is John?

Ah, yes, John, the famous painter. He's that guy over there. No wait, is he? But he's the artist that painted that painting...right? Learn how to correct someone about the subject in question with this useful lesson!...

Are You Free Tomorrow?

You've finally built up the courage to ask your classmate out to do something together. But they're busy? No no, don't give up - what about this time? That time? Learn how to ask if someone is free and understand from what time until what time they're busy with this useful lesson....

Topics: friends, time, plans, busy, flirting

I Went Shopping

Some people live for it. Some people do everything in their power to avoid it. Love it or hate it, shopping for clothes is something we all have to do at some points. What know what type of clothing you need, but what color do you want? Find out how to make sure your new outfit is perfectly color-co...

Topics: shopping, clothing, sales, colors

Let's Begin Class

Class is in session and it's time to listen up. Don't fall out of line lest you make teacher angry. Learn how to take the teacher's polite commands while learning to give them yourself with this lesson!...

Topics: politeness, students, class, school, teacher

Euro Trip

You've planned this trip for months and have the itinerary set. When someone asks, you know exactly when you'll be in France, when you'll go to Rome, and when you'll go home. Learn how to tell dates in Japanese with this lesson....

Topics: europe, traveling, italy, going_home, dates

Family Picture

One of the easiest ways to connect to people from another culture or country is through a family picture. But of course, families come in all shapes and sizes. Learn how to describe the members of your family with this lesson!...

Topics: family, pictures

Did You Finish Your Work?

As the clock strikes 6 o'clock, you're finally free to leave the office and return home. Or so you thought. Your boss catches you at the door and grills you about what you've done that day. Learn how to say the things you've already done and the things you haven't yet done with this lesson....

Topics: work, end_of_day, email, telephone_call, boss, encouragement

Wake Up, It's New Years Day

In many parts of the world, the morning of New Year's Day is a time reserved for sleeping in and large, leisurely meals. Not so in Japan, where there are important things to do to bring in the new year. Learn more about some Japanese New Year's customs with this lesson....

What Are You Good At?

Not all of us are Renaissance-style polymaths, but everyone has something that they're good at. Learn how to share what you're good at, and what you maybe need to work on a little bit, with this lesson on hobbies....

Topics: cooking, sports, tennis, baseball, hobbies, good_at, bad_at, abilities

Dogs or Cats?

The age old question that has destroyed relationships, ruined families, and made empires crumble down to the ground - dogs or cats? The debate rages on with this important lesson on how to ask about preferences and make comparisons...

Topics: dogs, cats, preferences, animals, debates, cute

What Do You Want to Do This Summer?

Summer is finally upon you and it's time to make plans. What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? Make sure you don't spend all of those precious months as a couch potato with this useful lesson on how to say what you want to do....

Topics: friends, travel, vacation, food, animals, summer_vacation, zoo, hokkaido