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Aruki Sumaho - Chotto Matte

by Jason Bigman

Posted on April 22, 2014 at 12:00 AM.

”Aruki Sumaho” is a newly-coined Japanese phrase meaning “walking smart phone”, or in other words “using your smart phone while walking around”. It may sound silly, but this word has recently gone viral in Japan. Why are people so concerned about “using your smart phone while walking around” and why is this a new thing?

歩きスマホ - walking while using your smart phone

スマホ - smart phone

歩きタバコ - walking around while smoking a cigarette

タバコ - cigarettes

携帯 (けいたい) - Japanese cell phones

マナーモード - manner mode (silent mode)

シルバーシート - priority seat (on train or bus)

広告 (こうこく) - advertisement

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