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Tanabata - Chotto Matte

by Jason Bigman

Posted on July 7, 2014 at 12:00 AM.

Tanabata is a yearly Japanese holiday that happens today, July 7th. What's the story behind this holiday and what do people do to celebrate? Check out this lesson to find out more. If you want to study more Japanese, go to OpenLanguage.com or download the OpenLanguage app where there are more than 100 Japanese lessons available. And if you use the promo code "chottomatte" when signing up, you get your first month of access for only 99 cents.

七夕(たなばた)- Tanabata, a yearly holiday in Japan

七月七日 - July 7th

織り姫(おりひめ)- the princess in the Tanabata legend

彦星(ひこぼし)- the cowherd in the Tanabata legend

天の川(あまのがわ)- the Milky Way

浴衣(ゆかた)- Yukata, a traditional Japanese robe worn in the summer

祭り(まつり)- festival


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