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Beginner Japanese Course 4


A fourth and final course for beginner Japanese, this course is meant to fully help you transition into being able to conduct yourself in basic ways in the language. Topics covered include everyday life concerns, dreams for the future, and pop culture.

Visiting Kanazawa

Never heard of Kanazawa? Well, make sure to add it to your list. This beautiful tourist town is beckoning you, but make sure that you go to famous garden and also go to the castle....

Topics: travel, kanazawa

Did You Bring an Umbrella?

Even if the clouds aren't yet dark and forboding doesn't mean it's not going to rain. This is Japan afterall, and so rain can strike at any moment. And when it does, what are you going to do with your left protection-less?...

Topics: weather, rain, umbrella

Plans for the Long Weekend

Finally, a 3-day weekend. Exhausted from work and school, you finally get some well-deserved time for rest and relaxation. What's your plan?...

Topics: weekend, vacation, plans

Halloween in Japan

Yes, Halloween in Japan. It's not quite celebrated as it is in the United States, but it's definitely present. But what does this day of goblins and ghouls look like in the Land of the Rising Sun?...

Topics: holidays, halloween

Autumn Colors

Yes, it's getting colder, and Winter is starting to threaten from around the corner, but until there there's one last hurrah for nature - Autumn folliage. Learn about this hugely prized natural phenomenon in Japan and how people celebrate with this lesson....

Topics: seasons, autumn, nature

Staying In

Yes, there are things going on, people going out, restaurants to go to, parties happening. But sometimes, you just want to stay in. Learn about how to express the desire to do nothing, go nowhere, and meet no one in this lesson about a relaxing weekend at home....

Topics: resting, weekends

On a Diet

Swimsuit season may be over, but with the holidays right around the corner you might want to start tightening the belt now. But what sort of diet are you going to do?...

Topics: food, diet

Dream for the Future

Time to dream big. Whether a doctor, lawyer, or astronaut, it's important to think about what do you want to become in the future. So what will it be?...

Topics: jobs, dreams, future


Even in Japan, where Pokémon is now ubiquitous, some people may still have no idea what it is. What is this small yellow rat-shaped stuff animal? And what do you do with it?...

Topics: toys, video_games


Natto is one of the most divisive foods in Japan - some people love it, some people hate it. What is this controversial foodstuff? In what part of Japan is it popular? And why in the world is it so offensive?...

Topics: food