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Beginner Japanese Course 3


Continue building your foundation in Japanese with this third beginner course that covers grammar patterns, vocabulary, and cultural points that are integral to advancing your Japanese abilities.

Please Speak Slowly

Even with a good deal of Japanese under your belt, you will undoubtedly encounter situations where you honestly just have no idea what people are saying to you. Avoid a miscommunication-induced snafu and equip yourself to ever-so-politely ask them to speak slowly with this lesson....

Topics: politeness, dates, strangers, requests, miscommunication


Those huge exploding lights up in the sky over there? They're one of Japan's most prized traditions - fireworks. Check out this lesson to learn about one of Japan's most famous yearly fireworks displays....

Topics: friends, doubt, fireworks, festivals, activities

Why Don't You Use a Spoon?

Chopsticks are the traditional eating utensil in Japan, but let's face it - not everyone can use them! Try as you might, you just can't pick up that piece of fish. Learn about some different utensils and how to accept -- or decline -- a suggestion to use a spoon with this lesson....

Topics: politeness, invitations, chopsticks, spoon, suggestions

Who's Your Favorite Character?

Anime and Manga are huge aspects of modern Japan. With so many different series to chose from, which do you spend your time with? And more importantly, who is your favorite character? Learn about some of the vocabulary associated with this rich cultural world of Japan with this lesson....

Topics: preferences, anime, manga, fandom, characters, One_Piece, Naruto, superlatives

Meeting the Parents

You guys have been going steady for a while, and finally the has come: meeting the parents. But don't think that you will just be able to putz into that room empty-handed - this is more than just a normal meeting. Learn how to say "to meet" in Japanese and some of the etiquette behind making an impr...

Topics: politeness, parents, gifts

Do You Wear Glasses?

20/20 vision is a blessing from the Gods. But unfortunately, not all of us are blessed in this way. How do you describe that your vision isn't as good as it could be? And do you wear glasses or contacts to deal with these visual shortcomings?...

Topics: glasses, contacts, eyesight

I'm Hungry

You're hungry. No, you're STARVING. Let's get eating! But before you dig in, make sure you know the right thing to say in Japanese. And don't forget to say thanks after the meal!...

Topics: food, hungry

I'm Thirsty

You've been exercising for a couple of hours and you're exhausted. Not only that, you're thirsty. No no, parched! Let's go get a drink, but where? and What?...

Topics: thirsty, tired, drinks

Riding the Train

Taking the train is a huge part of everyday life in Japan. But with hundreds of lines and thousands of stations across the country, what train do you take? Where do you get off? And do you need to transfer?...

Topics: trains, transportation

Are You Drunk?

The week is over and it's time ot have some fun. But sometimes there are those in our ranks that have decided to start the fun on their own beforehand - you go in for the "cheers" and they slur their words and stink of alcohol. Are you already drunk???...

Topics: restaurants, alcohol

Describing Symptoms

The siwtching of the seasons is always a difficult time, especially for our immune systems. Try as we might, it's not uncommon to have a bit of illness creep up on you as the cold of Winter turns to the heat of Summer. How do you describe your symptoms to make sure you get the right diagnosis?...

Topics: sick, body_parts

Soccer Match

It's time for the big game. Your team hasn't had a good track record as of late, but that doesn't matter today - you're ace player will bring home the win. Or so you thought......

Topics: sports, soccer