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Beginner Japanese Course 1


A course for absolute beginners with the Japanese language. Full of useful phrases and communication methods, this course will help you get started on the road to learning this rich and rewarding language!

Nice to Meet You!

You're meeting someone in Japan for the first time and you don't know what to say! Avoid fumbling over your words when making your all-important first impression and listen to this lesson to learn how to introduce yourself politely in a way that shows insights into Japanese customs. ...

Topics: introducing_yourself, meeting_someone_for_the_first_time, polite, courtesy, name, friends


Morning, afternoon, and night - all call for different ways to say hello. Learn how to greet people correctly based on the time of day, and when the time comes to say goodbye. And when you're thanked for your wonderful company, know how to say "you're welcome" without missing a beat....

Topics: courtesy, politeness, greetings, thank_you, you're_welcome

What Is This?

What is this? What is that? What about that all the way over there? You may have no idea what anything is, but with this lesson you'll learn how to ask about the world around you to your heart's content. ...

Topics: sushi, this, that, restaurants

Excuse Me, Is This Yours?

In the busy lives that we lead, we sometimes lose things. And sometimes, we find those things that others lose. Learn how to ask if something is someone else's while addressing them politely....

Topics: possessive, you, politeness, lost_and_found

Are You American?

The world is a big place that contains a huge number of countries and just as many nationalities. Learn how to ask about someone's nationality and to show your shock and surprise when they're not from where you thought they were....

Topics: nationality, negation, surprise

I Study Japanese.

You're at a cafe and strike up a conversation with someone. You say hello, but then what? Learn how to say one of the most important phrases for a new Japanese language learner - "I study Japanese."...

Topics: introducing_yourself, meeting_someone_for_the_first_time, students

Who Is That?

People, people, people, everywhere you go. But who are they? Who is he? And her, you always forget her name. Who is she again? Learn in this lesson how to ask who someone is....

Topics: who, he, she

What Is Your Job?

Inbetween waking up and going to sleep, we all do something everyday. Do you work? Do you study? Learn in this lesson how to say what you do. ...

Topics: introducing_yourself, courtesy, students, jobs

Where Is the Restroom?

You've been holding it for too long and are about to explode, but you don't want to make a fool of yourself by trying to act out "restroom" to an innocent bystander. How do you ask "where is the restroom" in Japanese? Listen in to find out!...

Topics: politeness, locations, the_bathroom

What's Your Phone Number?

The moment of truth: you've met someone you get along with and are both obviously enjoying eachother's company, but how do you ask what their phone number is so the friendship can continue? Learn how to ask for someone's phone number and the all-important numbers zero through ten!...

Topics: meeting_someone_for_the_first_time, numbers, phone_numbers

When's the Party?

There are 24 hours in a day. That's 24 hour a day to study, work, eat, exercise, hang out, sleep, and maybe even party a little. Make sure you know how to say the correct hour and time of day when making plans with this lesson!...

Topics: time, party

Where Are You Going?

We live in a beautiful world with endless fascinating places to go. Before you hop onto that bicycle, car, train, airplane, or boat, learn how to tell everyone you're going so that you don't disappear into the night without a trace. ...

Topics: Tokyo, Kyoto, trips