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Beginner Japanese Course 4 A1-Beginner

A fourth and final course for beginner Japanese, this course is meant to fully help you transition into being able to conduct yourself in basic ways in the language. Topics covered include everyday life concerns, dreams for the future, and pop culture. (10 lessons)

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Beginner Japanese Course 1 A1-Beginner

A course for absolute beginners with the Japanese language. Full of useful phrases and communication methods, this course will help you get started on the road to learning this rich and rewarding language! (12 lessons)

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Beginner Japanese Course 2 A1-Beginner

A deeper introduction to the basics of Japanese. This course goes deeper into fundamental grammatical structures and patterns of the languages to better prepare you for a trip or life in Japan. (12 lessons)

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Beginner Japanese Course 3 A1-Beginner

Continue building your foundation in Japanese with this third beginner course that covers grammar patterns, vocabulary, and cultural points that are integral to advancing your Japanese abilities. (12 lessons)

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Elementary Japanese Course 1 A2-Elementary

A useful and comprehensive overview of fundamental communication methods and phrases in Japanese to enable you to express more complex concepts.  (12 lessons)

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Elementary Japanese Course 2 A2-Elementary

Having moved beyond the basics of the language, this course will assist you in starting to construct and understand more complex sentence constructions. This course will help take your Japanese beyond basic interactions and allow you to engage more with the world around you. (12 lessons)

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Elementary Japanese Course 3 A2-Elementary

This course is designed to help introduce you more everyday Japanese that will make travel and life in Japan all the easier. Topics include riding the train, playing sports, and eating food. (12 lessons)

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Pre-Intermediate Japanese Course 1 B1-Pre-Intermediate

Take your Japanese to the next level with this first pre-intermediate course that will help you develop more advanced communication methods and greater insight into Japanese culture. (12 lessons)

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Pre-Intermediate Japanese Course 3 B1-Pre-Intermediate

This course will further your exploration into more complex grammatical structures and situations. Topics covered include ordering at a restaurant, polite language, and taking a taxi. (12 lessons)

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Pre-Intermediate Japanese Course 2 B1-Pre-Intermediate

Continue building on your knowledge of Japanese language and culture with this second pre-intermediate course. Topics covered include holidays, common activities when traveling such as booking hotel rooms and making dinner reservations, and surfing! (12 lessons)

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Intermediate Japanese Course 1 B2-Intermediate

A course meant for students with an already strong handle on the basics of Japanese. In this course, you will dive much deeper into more advanced Japanese grammar, learn how to navigate more complex daily life situations, and gain a better understanding of the intricacies of Japanese culture. (13 lessons)

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Business Japanese B2-Intermediate

An intermediate-to-advanced course on Japanese used in the workplace. These lessons place a special emphasis on idiomatic and politeness-related expressions and business-related content. (19 lessons)

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