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Surprise Party

Today's lesson celebrates a new job in an exciting way! Learn how to talk about surprises and how to compliment your friends, family, or coworkers....

Published: November 20, 2012

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Failed Serenade

We're in the business of winning hearts today! The topic of this lesson is the romantic serenade. Only, as can be expected, things don't quite go according to plan. Join us to learn all about words relating to love in Italian....

Function: love

Published: November 18, 2012

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Break Up (His Side)

Most stories have more than one side. The break up we listened in on in "The Break Up [her side]" doesn't finish there; we've got [his side] today and in this lesson you'll be learning all about describing events in Italian in the recent past....

Function: anger, breaking_up

Published: November 14, 2012

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I Don't Want To See You Anymore!

This lesson features the scene following the breakup: she's moving on and he just can't seem to let go. Join us as we discuss nearly every way to tell someone to get lost, scram, beat it!...

Published: November 12, 2012

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Gelato Of Death

Who ever thought that something as innocent and simple as gelato could... kill? Listen to today's lesson and learn all about describing ice cream and... poison?!...

Published: November 09, 2012

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Ruined Coffee

Some mornings just don't start off right. From getting up on the wrong side of the bed to burning your eggs, there are so many things that can go wrong the applications of what you'll learn in today's lesson are limitless! Let's just hope you don't have to use them! Join us to find out what stinks in today's Italian lesson!...

Published: November 07, 2012

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Road trips are nothing without the inevitable trip to the Autogrill. For those of you who are not familiar with this Italian (road) cultural institution, this lesson is not to be missed!...

Published: November 05, 2012

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I Feel Like...

Everyone gets pangs of hunger, cravings for things you haven't eaten in a while. We'll be visiting the language for expressing these things in Italian in today's lesson. We'll also be coming to some startling conclusions to the origins of these cravings......

Function: food

Published: November 02, 2012

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Guess Who's Calling

Using the telephone is a daily part of modern life. Despite its commonness, it is often one of the hardest things to do in a language that's not your native one. So today we're here to help you tackle the basics of answering the phone and dealing with no-so-polite callers....

Function: phone

Published: October 31, 2012

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Are You Hitting On Me?

Today we're talking about pick-up lines. Learn all the Italian you need to introduce yourself to a stranger, or to ward off a stranger who's interested in meeting you!...

Published: October 29, 2012

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Can You Take a Picture?

This lesson is all about taking pictures. This essential activity is something every visitor to Italy does, but hopefully your experience goes better than that of the characters in today's lesson.  ...

Function: travel, hobby, photo

Published: October 26, 2012

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Bad Running Habits

We're looking to get some exercise in today's lesson. Only bad habits keep getting in the way. Learn how to describe healthy habits (running) and not so healthy ones (smoking) in this lesson....

Function: health, exercise

Published: October 24, 2012

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Hang Up the Clothes!

Today's lesson focuses on a very common activity: the laundry. We're trying to hang up the laundry, but the elements are really against us...

Function: daily_life, weather

Published: October 22, 2012

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Bad Receptionist

Going to the hospital is not something most people look forward to doing. But should you find yourself in need of a doctor, some x-rays, or an appointment, today's ItalianPod lesson will teach you the language you need!...

Function: health, medicine, body

Published: October 17, 2012

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Indian Incense

Today's lesson further explores the complex relationship between mother and son. In this lesson you'll learn about how to talk about cigarettes, getting in trouble, and expressing your frustration....

Function: frustration, anger, rules

Published: October 15, 2012

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Easter Sunday is famous all over the word, but less known and nearly just as important to Italians is "Pasquetta". Find out all about this, and other Easter traditions, in today's ItalianPod lesson....

Function: Easter, eating, Pasqua, picnic

Published: October 10, 2012

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Today's ItalianPod lesson is about those post-holiday moments of anxiety when you hop on the scale and discover where all of that panettone went! Check it out to learn about describing your weight....

Function: health, body, weight

Published: October 08, 2012

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High art, low art. Good art, bad art. Aren't these all just subjective categories, anyway? Well today's lesson features a dialogue about an Italian concept artist and two visitors to an exhibit of his work who have wildly different opinions on the show. You'll learn all about describing art and tastes in Italian....

Published: September 28, 2012

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