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Intermediate Italian Course


This course is for those who want to push themselves to a higher level of Italian. You will learn topics that showcase a diverse range of Italian language and culture such as regional Italian cuisine, prepare for a job interview and even gossip about someone!


Easter Sunday is famous all over the word, but less known and nearly just as important to Italians is "Pasquetta". Find out all about this, and other Easter traditions, in today's ItalianPod lesson....

Topics: eating, eating_out, Easter, picnic

The Check

Going out to eat with friends normally ends in one of two ways: either one person offers to pay for the group, or there is a mess of people trying to divide the bill and pay their own way. In today's lesson you'll hear how some Italians handle the second of these two situations......

Topics: friends, restaurant, paying, bill

Are You Guys Together or What?

Gossip gossip gossip! An activity popular all over the world, we'll be listening in on two Italian girls gossiping about their love lives today. Check out this lesson and learn all about how to talk about yourself and relationships....

Topics: love, boyfriend, gossip


It's late at night and you could go for a cornetto. Sound familiar? Well listen in to today's lesson as a seemingly normal scene unfolds into something much funnier! You'll be learning all about how to describe working the night shift and buying a cornetto....

Topics: police, ice_cream, night_shift, policeman, snack

Road Sign

Imagine living in the countryside, learning how farm life in Italy works. Waking up with the dawn, living in an old farmhouse. This is the experience of the agriturismo the farm holiday so popular in Italy. Join us to learn about this, and about asking for getting lost in the countryside....

Topics: travel, directions, lost, holiday, agriturismo

Job Interview

Knowing what to say in an interview is a challenge even in your native language, let alone in a foreign one. Today we'll be discussing the different questions normally asked in an Italian interview. Listen in as this particular interviewee doesn't perform too well......

Topics: hiring, interview, job, strenghts, weaknesses

Would You Open the Gate, Please?

Today's lesson features a party that sounds like it's just about over. Learn all about talking to neighbors (or, as the case may be, negotiating with neighbors who complain too much)!  ...

Topics: birthday_party, gate, neighbors, party

Sicilian Lamb

We're in the kitchen in today's lesson, and something's burning! Learn all about the Italian found in cooking recipes, as well as a delicious southern dish: Sicilian lamb in a red wine sauce!...

Topics: food, cooking, problems, lamb, recipe

Your Famous Tiramisù

Some restaurant owners are very particular about what their customers order. And in a place like Italy where food is as important as it is, you can only imagine the strict expectations of people in its food industry! You'll also learn all about a typical (mouthwatering) Italian dessert today....

Topics: food, restaurant, ordering, tiramisu

How to Cook a Turkey

Today Americans the world over are celebrating one of their most cherished national holidays: Thanksgiving! In this lesson you'll be learning all the Italian you need to pull of that turkey dinner!...

Topics: holiday, American_holiday, Thanksgiving, turkey

Good Night, Idiot

The couple in today's lesson apparently has some issues to work out... Listen in as they say goodnight (and manage to insult one another)! You'll learn some essential Italian for wishing someone good night, as well as how to handle insults.  ...

Topics: frustration, anger, goodnight, insults

Gossip at Yoga Class

Today's lesson brings you right into the thick of a yoga class. Learn some classic yoga words and catch up on the juiciest local gossip!...

Topics: gossip, wedding, divorce, marriage, yoga


High art, low art. Good art, bad art. Aren't these all just subjective categories, anyway? Well today's lesson features a dialogue about an Italian concept artist and two visitors to an exhibit of his work who have wildly different opinions on the show. You'll learn all about describing art and tast...

Topics: taste, art, exhibition, museum