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Hey, Beautiful!

Are you bored with the way you greet your friends? Perhaps you would like to infuse your daily speech with some warmth and a bit of emotion. Well, go continental with us in today's lesson and learn how to say hello to your friends the Italian way. You'll make your friends happy, and look sophisticat...

Topics: friends, greetings

What's It Called?

You know that place, you know, the one we used to go to? The one with the awesome, you know? That one...? As you may have guessed today's lesson is about, well, nothing, but you'll learn some important questions that you can use in just about any situation!...

Topics: what_is_it_called, how_to_say, questions

Be Right Back!

Do you ever find yourself needing just a bit more time to do something? Imagine this: you have plans to go out. Your friends are itching to leave right away and you just need that extra second to get ready... Or maybe you're the kind of person always waiting on people who just need "one more minute!...

Topics: police, parking

Dinner Is Ready

Getting kids to the table to eat seems to be a universal problem. In today's lesson learn what Italian parents yell to their children when dinner's ready....

Topics: dinner, children, food, eating, parents, lunch

At the Post Office

Artifacts of days long past as they are, post offices still exist for people who want to write letters and send the occasional package. Join us today as we listen to a dialog featuring a young man who doesn't seem to get the whole post office thing....

Topics: letter, mail, package, post_office, stamps


It's late at night and you could go for a cornetto. Sound familiar? Well listen in to today's lesson as a seemingly normal scene unfolds into something much funnier! You'll be learning all about how to describe working the night shift and buying a cornetto....

Topics: police, ice_cream, night_shift, policeman, snack

Surprise Party

Today's lesson celebrates a new job in an exciting way! Learn how to talk about surprises and how to compliment your friends, family, or coworkers....

Topics: new_job, surprise, surprise_party

Give Me a Ring

Ever wonder how Italians make plans? Well look no further, as today's lesson covers this very situation. Listen in as two friends make plans, and learn how to describe making a phone call....

Topics: phone, meeting_up, phone_call, plans

The Remote Control

Fighting with a sibling over the TV is something that prepares children for a world of adult compromise. Unfortunately for the two kids in today's dialog, there's no compromise in sight!...

Topics: remote_control, sharing, TV

Road Sign

Imagine living in the countryside, learning how farm life in Italy works. Waking up with the dawn, living in an old farmhouse. This is the experience of the agriturismo the farm holiday so popular in Italy. Join us to learn about this, and about asking for getting lost in the countryside....

Topics: travel, directions, lost, holiday, agriturismo

Job Interview

Knowing what to say in an interview is a challenge even in your native language, let alone in a foreign one. Today we'll be discussing the different questions normally asked in an Italian interview. Listen in as this particular interviewee doesn't perform too well......

Topics: hiring, interview, job, strenghts, weaknesses

Sicilian Lamb

We're in the kitchen in today's lesson, and something's burning! Learn all about the Italian found in cooking recipes, as well as a delicious southern dish: Sicilian lamb in a red wine sauce!...

Topics: food, cooking, problems, lamb, recipe