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Upper-Intermediate French Course 2


This course is prepared to help transition students to a truly advanced level of French. Engage in interesting topics such as the European Union, the Michelin Guide, and apartment hunting.

The Exams Period Is Coming Up

Why are some French college students taking exams at the beginning of the year? In this lesson, we have a lesson on the French school system and learn some of the vocabulary in a super stressé university student's life....

Topics: education

You're Grounded

What?! I didn't even do anything wrong. In today's lesson, we witness a teenager full of excuses and a parent full of complaints. Whichever of the two you most identify with, you will learn in this lesson how to argue your case in French....

Topics: education, school

The Michelin Guide

A country so dedicated to the finer things in life would, of course, provide resources for letting you know what's the best of the best. You'll learn all about these essential guides for the serious gastronomic connoisseur, as two employees discuss finding the perfect gift for their boss. Later in t...

Topics: decisions, culture, comparisons, gastronomy, guides

Oh, No! I'm Late!

In today's lesson, we follow the thoughts of a woman pressed for time. What goes on in a French person's mind when she (or he) feels rushed, confused and late for an important event? Find out in this lesson, where you will also learn how to talk about alarm clocks....

Topics: actions, daily_routine

Mr. President Of The European Union

In this lesson, learn what the European rotational system is all about. You'll learn in this lesson how to say some political and governmental lingo in French....

Topics: government, politics, Europe

Sœur Emmanuelle

You've surely heard of Mother Theresa, but have you heard of her French equivalent, Sister Emmanuelle? We honor the recent passing of this great woman in today's lesson, where you'll learn some sophisticated French from two French nuns. You'll also learn in this lesson how to talk about someone who ...

Topics: news, people, emotions, religion


Time to kick some bum on FrenchPod!! Of course in a very conventional way... In this lesson, we'll be talking about boxing. Who knows? You might end up watching the French dubbed version of Rocky some day. Or even better you might end up in a fight with a Frenchman/woman. What would you do in that s...

Topics: sports, boxing, fighting

Buying a Mobile Phone: Step One

Some people look forward to it, others dread it. Either way, buying a phone is an essential part of most peoples' lives these days. Can you even remember back to when we didn't have cell phones? In today's lesson you'll learn all about the first step to buying a cell phone in France....

Topics: communications, phones, internet

Buying A Mobile Phone: Step Two

If you're in the market for a new phone, or even a phone calling plan, then this lesson is one you have to listen to! You'll be learning all about how to talk about phones and purchases in French....

Topics: communications, phones, internet

Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting might make you want to pull you hair out at times. You find the perfect place and it's out of your price-range. You find an affordable apartment and the location is horrible... You'll be learning all about conducting the apartment search in French in today's lesson....

Topics: home, ad, apartment, house, rent


Nothing goes with a guys' night out like a game of poker. Learn how to fleece your friends in French with this lesson....

Topics: gamble, game, saying, slang

At the Dentist

Nothing quite sparkles like a perfect smile, but going to the dentist can be a daunting task. Don't let that language barrier stop you from having pearly white teeth. In this lesson learn what it takes to visit your local dentist....

Topics: health, medicine

Belgian Joke

Today's dialog is set in a bar in Belgium with Jacques Brel singing in the background. When you hear the name of this country in France, it's commonly associated with 'bière'and 'frites' but also with 'blague'. So let's hear that joke in this lesson and find out about just what, exactly, constitutes...

Topics: humour, joke

At the Hairdresser's

It's often after a session at the hairdresser's that people experience their greatest disappointments! Find out how to limit the damage by learning all the French vocabulary related to getting your hair cut in order to avoid ending up with a bright red mohawk!...

Topics: beauty, haircut


Sometimes, games of chance are as addictive as the hardest drugs; people can't help making a higher bid, even when they've already emptied their pockets. In today's lesson, learn all the French vocabulary you'll need when hitting up the casino, and discover how far one player is willing to go as he ...

Topics: games, bets