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Upper-Intermediate French Course 1


This course is designed to help students reach native level of fluency in French. Learn how to talk about a wide range of interesting and real life topics such as Armistice Day, Monte Carlo, and even how to buy a house in France. 

Losing Weight

It's not always fun, but even French people have to give up the quiche and pâtisseries sometimes and switch to celery and Slimfast when they're not happy with their figure. In today's lesson, we join someone who has started on a new path to healthiness and, along the way, we'll learn how to discuss ...

Topics: health

Gallery Opening

Gallery openings...art exhibitions...people have all kinds of different reasons to go to these types of art functions. In today's lesson, we learn some new language from two such people who speak a sophisticated French, but are maybe not at this event for sophisticated reasons....

Topics: food, art

Buying a House in France

If you're buying some property in French, it's good to learn how to maintain a conversation with the real estate agent. In today's lesson, we learn from a British couple buying a vacation home in the South of France the type of conversation you might have yourself if you were ever looking to purchas...

Topics: home_and_office, real_estate

We Work In The Same Line Of Business

If you find yourself at the right place at the right time to make business contacts in French, then this lesson will ensure that you are prepared. In today's lesson, learn the correct way to share business info, talk about your line of business, and see if you and the other person can work together,...

Topics: travel, business

If I Were Rich

In today's lesson, we learn the French to talk about our wildest dreams, horses and other equestrian pursuits, as well as travels around the world.  After this lesson, you'll know how to talk about conditions and also how to say what you would do if you hit the jackpot....

Topics: travel, animals, dreams

Buying a Suit

If there's one thing about the French when it comes to clothes, it's not only what you wear, but how well it's tailored that makes one chic.  In today's lesson, we learn how to talk about alterations, so whether it is a suit or some other article of clothing that you're buying, it will be let out ju...

Topics: shopping, clothes, suit

Reality TV

It's important to be able to hold your own in French small talk. The sad reality is that Reality TV has become a part of our lives and a frequent topic of conversation in every language. In today's lesson, we listen to some French folks chat about the scandals and lives of the latest reality TV cont...

Topics: opinions, entertainment

Negotations and Collaboration

Now that you've made a contact that could benefit your business operations, it's time to discuss the details of the collaboration and see if they are equally satisfactory to all sides. A little negotiating might be in order and, in today's lesson, we learn a few French phrases to use in a business m...

Topics: business

The Myth Of The Louvre Pyramid

Many tourists who visit Paris have a strong opinion about the Louvre Pyramid...some love it, others hate it.  But the French are generally of the same mind when it comes to this matter - it is a national treasure.  In today's lesson, we learn from a French architect some of the reasons for its popul...

Topics: opinions, architecture

The Gauguin

We take a trip to the Musée d'Orsay in today's lesson where we follow two...let's just say...art enthusiasts, who seem to be visiting this magnificent establishment for motives ulterior to art appreciation....

Topics: arts

The First Time I Saw Her I Proposed

There's nothing worse than making a fool of yourself when you're talking to a girl you're interested in. Except for maybe your friend reminding you of it and rubbing it in your face. In case you're one of those kinds of friends (hey, we're here to teach what you need in every situation at FrenchPod,...

Topics: relationships, embarrassment


After Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier, Monte-Carlo soon became synonymous with the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Monaco also happens to be the smallest country in the world where French is the official language.  In today's lesson, we learn some interesting facts about this tiny paradise and ...

Topics: people, geography


Yeah! A lesson on football...soccer...foot! If you love this sport, then you'll love this lesson because Amaury teaches the phrases you need to learn to be able to talk about the sport in French. If you do not like soccer, though, the lesson is also for you because you'll learn from Erica how to exp...

Topics: sports

Autumn: Hate It or Love It

Is the glass half full or half empty? In today's lesson, two people with different ways of looking at things express the feelings that autumn inspires in them. Whether you're an optimist or a pessimist, learn in this lesson some ways to express how you see the world in French....

Topics: weather, opinions, culture, seasons

Do You Vote?

In every democracy around voting time, there are always those who have excuses about why they are not going to make it to the polls this year and those who lecture the excuse-makers about why it is their duty as a citizen to vote. In today's lesson, we witness such a debate between two French citize...

Topics: government, politics, voting

Armistice Day

Armistice Day is an important holiday in Europe and so, in today's lesson, we're going to get a little historical and go back in time to the day the Armistice was signed and ended World War I. We'll talk a little about the Great War and also learn in this lesson some formal French that might be spok...

Topics: government, history