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Red or White?

A language Newbie needs to learn the basics. When it comes to French, that means they must be able to express their wine preferences. In today's podcast, learn how to match wine with food; at the end we'll talk about some cultural aspects of wine consumption in France!...

Host: Erica, Amaury
Topic: colors, food, wine

Published: June 26, 2013

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Do You Have These Shoes in Black?

In today's lesson, we learn some essential clothes shopping phrases you'll need in French-speaking countries. You'll also learn in this lesson how to talk about sizes and colors in French....

Host: Erica, Amaury

Published: July 04, 2012

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What is this?

Being nosy isn't always bad...you learn faster when you're curious, for example. But what happens when the answer is not what we wanted to hear? Well, let's find out in today's lesson and along the way, learn how to ask "what is this?" in French....

Host: Erica, Amaury

Published: May 21, 2012

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