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Today's lesson is all about magic. Whether you're planning to go to a magic show, or want to headline your very own performance, this lesson is for you....

Topics: magic, show

Saddle Up!

Biking can be a fantastic adventure or a series of frustrating errors. What could be more frustrating though than not being able to express to your friends why you can't join them in a friendly bike race? learn how to say all your biking woes in this lesson....

Topics: bike, lock, pronoun_on, sport, theft

Going to the Tanning Salon

Want to impress on the beach this summer? Or maybe you just don't want to get a sunburn the first day out... This lesson is taking us the fake 'n bake, as JP would say! In this lesson JP and Amaury will also discuss the dangers in hitting up the tanning salon....

Topics: telephone, summer, schedule, sun, tan

I've Really Thought It Over

Rites of passage are always interesting when it comes to different cultures, so today we check out what French people say when they get married. In today's podcast, we are witnesses to the end of a wedding ceremony in France and learn the vows that one makes in French to get hitched....

Topics: celebrations, marriage

Did You See Beatrice's New Haircut?

In today's podcast, we learn how to gossip in French and have a lesson on the French vocabulary and expressions you need, like to dye and highlights, to visit the hairdresser....

Topics: appearance, hair

The Euro vs. The Franc

What happens when your country throws away a currency they've been using for decades and replaces it with a new one? For some people the transition goes smoothly, but for others...well, it might take awhile to get used to. In today's podcast, we join les Rossignol, a French couple on a shopping excu...

Topics: shopping, money, rossignols

Fender Bender

We hope you never have an experience, like a little car accident, where you have to defend why the mishap wasn't your fault, but obviously the other bonehead that didn't respect the stop sign. Just in case, though, in today's podcast you'll learn how to hold your own in French if it ever happens to ...

Topics: mishaps