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Are men better at some jobs than women?

在顶级的科技公司,女性工作人员似乎总是少于男性。到底是什么原因造成这样的现象,看看今天的课程怎么说。课程音乐:Runnin' by Beyoncé, Naughty Boy and Arrow Benjamin ...

Host: Tara, Connor

Published: September 19, 2017

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Baidu Cloud and Google Drive

云存储已经深入到我们生活的方方面面。上传照片,传输文件,分享内容……今天我们要来看看百度和谷歌的云存储服务。课程音乐:Under pressure by Queen and David Bowie ...

Host: Spencer, Adam

Published: August 17, 2017

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April Fools


Function: 解释
Host: Spencer, Adam
Grammar: known_to

Published: March 31, 2016

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