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Writing Skills


Being able to produce accurate, mistake-free documents is a huge part of showing proffessionalism. Learn about the various writing-related skills you should be aiming for here. 

Sending a Quote Via Email

Sending quotes in an email is a daily task for many of our EnglishPod users. Not making any mistakes in the email is important to make sure that there aren't any misunderstandings that arise between you and the recipient. EnglishPod saves the day again!  ...

Topics: sales, price, email, quote

Writing a Job Description

Some of us may never need to actually write a job description, but we all read them at some point in our lives. In today’s lesson, we look at some important factors when writing job descriptions, but knowing this information is also helpful with understanding what is important when reading them. Plu...

Topics: HR, hiring, training, writing_skills, writing_JD, JD, coaching, job_responsibilities, job_requirements

Did You Get My Email?

Sending emails is an important part of business and personal life. There is an entire vocabulary related to emails! In today’s lesson, we look at some helpful words and phrases so that you can send effective messages. ...

Topics: work, communication, email, coworker, email_language, attachments, spam

Writing a Resume

There are many different elements to a resume and all of them are equally important! You have one opportunity to make a good first impression, so it’s important to give plenty of time and attention to writing a professional and effective resume. Today, we look at lots of great words and phrases rela...

Topics: work, resume, education, job, suggestion, advice, skills, proofreading

Effective Business Writing 1

Get ready to learn how to write efficient business proposals, emails, memos and so on. In today’s dialogue, you’ll listen to a seminar on “Effective Business Writing.” Writing in a business setting has changed since technology made sending emails at the speed of light possible. People don’t have tim...

Topics: training, professional_skills, writing_skills, business_writing, writing, corporate_training, professional_development, writing_styles, emails, contracts

Effective Business Writing 2

This is the second part of a two-part presentation. In this presentation we hear more about writing effectively. Towards the end of the presentation Diana tells us about how to write short and simple emails. So listen up and learn how to improve your writing!...

Topics: business, writing

Formatting a Word Document

Figuring out how to format a Word document can be tricky. But today you’ll learn how! In this lesson, we have two people talking about how to format a Word document. So if you don’t already know, take some notes....

Topics: process, office, technology, writing, document, formatting

Formal Apologies

In today’s lesson, we’ll learn how to write a formal apology. We have an email from a company warning us that their store will be closed during the holiday....

Topics: apology, email, formality, customers, inconvenience

PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Are your PowerPoint presentations not what they could be? In today’s lesson, you’ll learn how to improve on your PowerPoint presentation and you’ll get some suggestions on how to captivate your audience....

Topics: presentation, PowerPoint, templates, slides, designs

Writing a Work Email

It's a busy day at the office and there are a lot of emails to write. Find out how to write a solid email in English in today's elementary lesson....

Topics: email, coworker

Email Footer

Save yourself some time! Learn how to set up your email footer in today's elementary lesson....

Topics: business, office, email, contact_information, writing

Making an Email Introduction

You know of two people who would work well together. In today's lesson, learn what to write in an email to introduce them....

Topics: business, introduction, email

Replying to an Email Introduction

You have been introduced to a new business contact. In today's lesson, part two of two, learn what to write in reply to the email introduction....

Topics: business, email, reply

Signing a Sales Contract

Signing a sales contract? Well, in today’s lesson you‘ll learn words and phrase to better talk about a sales contract before you sign it....

Topics: sales, contract, policy, signing, goods

Warning Letter

Certain behaviors at work warrant a warning letter.  Today we’ll take a look at an actual warning letter and the formal language used in such instances.  ...

Topics: business, feedback, office, management, HR, writing, performance, rules_and_regulations, formal_language