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Upper Intermediate English Course 2


Prepare for advanced English with this second upper-intermediate course. Learn unique idiomatic expressions smaller aspects of the language that will help you understand more and more of higher-level interactions that take place in all realms of life.

Understanding The Stock Market

It's on the news and newspapers everywhere all the time, no not celebrity gossip, we are talking about the stock market today!  Join Marco and Catherine as they explain specific terms about this subject such as bull market, equities and many more!...

Topics: money, investments, stocks, wall_street

Closing the Deal

Business can be a difficult matter, especially if you are trying to sale something!  Today we have a great lesson that will push your knowledge of English to the limits as well as teach you a ton of new words and phrases. We will also talk a little about a Scottish delicacy.  What is it?  Come and f...

Topics: negotiate, business, sales, deal

Purchasing Manager

A purchasing manager is in charge of one of the most important aspects of a company: getting the right materials, at the right price. The purchasing manager needs to know what a company needs, and needs to be able to negotiate the goods down to a profitable price. Join Catherine and Marco today as w...

Topics: business, contract, price, purchasing

Analyzing a Company's Annual Report

There are many different tools available to help you make educated decisions about your investments. In today’s lesson, we will look at a company’s annual report. Check out these great vocabulary words and phrases that’ll help you make an informed decision!...

Topics: stock_market, annual_report, Apple, finance, company_performance, market_growth

Leadership Styles

In today’s lesson, you’ll get a thorough lecture on leadership styles and myths. This MBA professor has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to leadership style, so listen and learn!...

Topics: management, leadership, leader, organizational_behavior, corporate, MBA, lecture, theory

Mergers and Acquisition

Let’s talk about mergers and acquisitions! In today’s lesson, you’ll hear a lecture on M&A. The professor talks about what they are and why many of them fail. So get ready to learn about M&A!...

Topics: Mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, conglomerate, M&A_failures