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US Election: Billionaire v Socialist

2016 is an election year in America, but already this election is shaping up to be like none in recent memory. Find out why in today’s lesson....

Host: Adam
Grammar: fairness

Published: February 23, 2016

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The Paris Terrorist Attacks

Tragedy struck the City of Lights this November when terrorists killed hundreds of innocent civilians in a series of attacks. In today’s lesson, we’ll hear President Obama’s response to this heinous act of terror....

Host: Spencer

Published: December 08, 2015

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Building Emotional Connections with Customers

Today we will learn some of the secrets of a successful advertising pitch from the master himself, Mad Men’s Don Draper....

Host: Chris, Adam
Grammar: literally

Published: November 12, 2015

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Gun Control in America

America is indisputably the Western country with the highest level of gun violence. Using real footage of President Obama and Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly, we’ll take a look at some of the common arguments that arise after gun violence strikes....

Host: Adam
Grammar: Tend_to

Published: October 22, 2015

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Introducing the Speakers

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s lesson is all about taking the microphone and showing everybody your public speaking skills....

Host: Jenny, Adam
Grammar: Have_no_idea

Published: July 21, 2015

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Direct Response Advertising

Following up on our lesson on Brand Advertising, today we look at direct response advertising. Listen in as we walk you through its main characteristics. ...

Host: Chris, Adam

Published: June 11, 2015

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Brand Advertising

Advertising is all around us. In this first of two lessons, learn about one maintype of advertising – brand advertising....

Host: Chris, Adam

Published: June 04, 2015

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Last Day at Work

Retiring soon? Or changing jobs? If so, then listen to today’s lesson. You’ll learn how to give a memorable and graceful farewell speech....

Host: Jason, Cynthia

Published: April 07, 2014

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Live From Washington

Happy Inauguration Day, everyone! In this podcast, we are witnessing the next U.S. President as he gets ready to take office and give his inaugural address. You will listen to the news reporter describing the atmosphere at the ceremony, and learn some great English phrases to help you describe an ex...

Host: Marco, erica

Published: October 22, 2012

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